Saturday, February 23, 2008

Joe Theismann Feels Your Pain

Arsenal's troubles continued today at St. Andrews where they drew 2-2 with Birmingham City. Their pain was increased by a horrific leg break inflicted on Crozilian (or Broatian if you prefer) striker Eduardo da Silva by Birmingham's Martin Taylor.

Lawrence Taylor does a couple lines and bows in Taylor's general direction.

Friday, February 22, 2008

When Showboating Goes Right

My name is Mustafa Redonkulous and I approve of this brawl.

Dude, we've tried nuthin' and we're fresh out of ideas.

Oh No You Don't

I won't stand for this. No way Elijah Dukes goes straight now. I am a Nats partial season ticket holder and I demand that the crazy continue. The Nats have Elijah, Da Meat Hook, Lastings Milledge and Paul Lo Duca on the same team and now they want to make everyone walk straight? Sheeeeeeit. I've paid too much money and invested too much hope in this potential train wreck. Just think of the potential Eastern Motors commericals that will never see the light of day. By Thor's Hammer, please don't take this away from us.

Arrrr, Matey. Here Be Your New Stadium

For some reason, the Devil Rays (yeah I know) have decided to stick with the ship theme for their new ballpark. 'Duk has posted a rendering of the new stadium along with links to other pics here.

As one commenter pointed out, wind and rain can go sideways. Just another example of the D-Rays cutting corners.

Expect the Bucs stadium to rape Scott Kazmir and pillage the D-Rays stadium shortly after it opens.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Random Photo of Horrific Violence: Motorcycle Fail

Let's hope this guy lived to fail again.

From: ToxicBlogs (few more pics there)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lindsay Czarniak Is Big Time...Sorta

See that picture right there? Thats Lindsay Czarniak's caricature drawn up on the wall of the Palm restaurant in Washington DC. For those of you who don't know, that officially means you've "made it" here in town. I didn't know that Lindsay had "made it", but apparently she has because she is now on a wall full of DC power players, including Mr. Tony Kornheiser.

Unfortunately for Lindsay...they spelled her name wrong. This picture of the wall was snapped last year for the Washingtonian Magazine so hopefully, the good people of the Palm Restaurant have corrected this egregious error for our new favorite sports personality in town. Also of note...look close and you will see that the artist gave her a pearl necklace. Shame on you Palm, shame on you.

If it wasn't so damned expensive, we'd go in there tomorrow and check for ourselves to see if any of this is still there, but we're broke, so someone is going to have to pop in there and let us know if its still the same.

All those who don't live in DC do not get to see the lovely and talented Lindsay Czarniak on your television every night and that is a shame...but that also means that this little DC tidbit might mean absolutely nothing to you. So instead, here's a real picture of Lindsay for you to drool over you pervy bastards.
Ms Czarniak, we salute you and, at the very least, we hope you get your name changed on that wall.

New Technology Baffles Old Redskins

Mark Mosley, Charles Mann and Art Monk are amazed by those annoying ├╝ber-geek people movers known as Segways. These guys look like they've never even seen one of these, let alone hopped on them to give them a spin. Its always personally crushing when the heroes of your youth look so old and feeble in the face of modern world. I...I think I heard Charles Mann giggle. I can't take this...I need to walk away for a bit.

Now You Can Settle Your Bets Like A Man

There's no cheating allowed with this sucker. The pro thumb wrestling ring gives you a professional way to settle all debts, by way of THUMB WAR! This little sucker prevents you from pulling the super deadly, "pointer finger sneak attack" maneuver an lets to and lets two thumbs battle it out, mano a mano...or really pulgar a pulgar. Yea, i know how to use an online dictionary.

Imagine the wars that could have been avoided if two world leaders could have duked it out with this? Hitler didn't stand a chance! Saddam's immobile beefy fingers had no chance with Bush's nimble, hook like digits! Thumb wrestling settles it all.

From Perpetual Kid

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Proof That Spain and Real Madrid Hate Your Freedom

1. The Spanish Football Federation have fined Samuel Eto'o for singing anti-Real Madrid songs yet they continue to let their national manager Luis Aragones be a racist as well as tolerate the racist abuse of players by football fans including the Ultras of Real Madrid.

2. Speaking of Real, the Ultra Surs are some of the worst racists in football. They not only slander African players but they also come down on South Americans as well. All you American supporters should take a look at what Abu Muqawama found in Iraq.

That's a militia member currently fighting with the Americans. He's wearing a Barca hat.

Abu Muqawama also picked up on the fact that the Iraqi kids being trained by al-Qaeda were wearing black Real Madrid away shirts.

That's enough for us. Spain and Real Madrid are against you. Think about that the next time you cheer a Arjen Robben dive.

They Get Younger And I Stay The Same Age

Don't be surprised when European soccer teams start getting nailed for cruising public soccer fields in ice cream trucks looking for kids. "Hi, want some candy?" This is getting ridiculous.

Chelsea recently recruited 5-year old Archie Oates from Belmont Youth FC. This beats out Manchester United's signing of 9-year old Rhian Davis.

I'd put money on Archie. Rhian can't even spell Ryan. Then again lack of intelligence never stopped Rio Ferdinand or Cashley Cole.

Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down Redux

The Big Show would like to have a word with Money Mayweather.

Check Please.

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