Monday, May 5, 2008

MLB Really Wants You To See Indiana Jones

Here is a screen grab of the Washington Nationals tickets page, click on it if you want it full size. Did you see May 22nd there and notice that the Nationals are playing Indiana Jones that day? What the hell is that? Its not just the Nationals either, if you look at all the MLB games that day on MLB's team ticket sales sites, they all have an Indiana Jones background on May 22nd, which happens to be the opening day of the fourth installment of the franchise. Want a closer shot of him? Here you go:

I'm not sure why, could be because I'm a sensitive blogger who gets touchy about a lot of things, but I'm kind of upset about this. I mean, i'm sure MLB got paid a pretty penny to stick Harrison Ford on every team's schedule, and that's good for them, but really, this has NOTHING to do with baseball. Its just a pure and blatant cash grab. Sure, MLB schedules are not some sacred thing that never have advertising along with them, as a matter of fact they always do, but this just seems a little too much to me because its pretty obtrusive. Most online ads you can do away with with an AdBlocker or just by not looking at the sides of the computer screen, but for this, you just cannot avoid Ford's mugshot there which kinda sucks.

So, kudos, I guess to MLB for finally figuring out a way to guarantee it's fans pay attention to their ads. I sure did and I even gave it a freaking blog post...wait...maybe this is what they wanted all along?!?! Curses!