If Redskins fans including Chimp Rage were pissed the Skins drafted Fred Davis (TE-USC), imagine how Chris Cooley felt. Actually don’t bother, let him tell you in his increasingly money blog, Outside Football.

I think no more be said in the question. I was surprised as anyone that the Redskins drafted a tight end this year. We saw Fred Davis as a first round player that had fallen way down into the second round. The Redskins felt like it was way to much value to pass on. As a player I feel like you can never discount having the best 11 guys on the field, so if two tight ends makes up the best 11 guys I’m all for it. I will do everything I can to help Fred become the best football player for the Redskins and I think he will do a great job. All that being said, I feel like the next five years should be Pro Bowl years for me and I would be extremely surprised if my production on the field goes down at all.

No wonder Cooley isn’t worried. He’s already got a master plan to make sure Davis even has trouble getting to practice.

Team security was sent to find Davis after he didn’t show up for practice on Sunday for the final day of minicamp. It turns out he slept through practice. Very crafty, Mr. Cooley. I’m guessing chloroform or roofies. Either those or just telling him he’d wake him up on time.

**Damn. Unsilent beat us to the punch over at Deadspin. You win this time…by a mile.

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