Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Part II of Drinks That Should Be Named After Athletes (Reader Submitted)

We received a lot of great suggestions for more drinks that should be named after athletes that the Deuce decided to compile them all into a post. Thanks to you alcoholic sports fans out there...we might need to create a drinking game out of this. If anyone else has any other comments, let us know, otherwise read on...

Blue Mother Fucker "Alternate Version" = "A Matt Hasselbeck"
Directions: Pour 1/2 parts each of Curacao (Blue), Gin, Rum (light), Tequila (clear), Vodka into a glass of ice, add 1 splash each of 7-up and Sour Mix. Shake, drink and serve to Hasselbeck's MILF of a mother. (from albanyhawker of 12 Seahawks Street)

The Original JD's Drink of Choice = "A Curt Schilling"
Directions: Just would be sunscreen, Christ and pepsi and then call the cops on all the other people drinking. (from originaljd of Six Pack Sports Report)

Red Headed Slut = "A Matt Bonner"
Directions: Mix 1 1/2 parts J├Ągermeister and 1 1/2 parts Peach Schnapps, fill with Cranberry Juice. Mix in glass and shoot...and miss as often as that red headed slut does. (from chone at BallHype)

Available in Portland bars = "The Sam Bowie"
Directions: Part Sambuca, part Drambuie. Believe me, you'll wish you'd had a Michael Jordan instead. (from anonymous in the comments)

Free Silver = "The Larry Bird"

Directions: Mix 1 1/2 parts Gin, 1/2 part dark rum, add 1/2 part lemon juice, 1 tbsp of milk and 1/2 tsp of powdered sugar. Shake then fill with club soda. Its as white as it gets. (From anonymous in comments)

The Village Idiot = “A Skip Bayless”
Directions: In a pint glass filled with ice, mix one-and-a-half ounces Blue Curacao, one ounce Amaretto, one ounce vodka and one ounce tequila. Fill to top with lemonade and add a dash of Coke. Ingest and argue with everyone in the room while never making a discernible point about anything.

The Dark Side = “A George Steinbrenner”
Directions: Mix 3/4 parts Amaretto, 3/4 parts 151 proof rum (Bacardi), 3/4 parts Dark Creme de Cacao, 3/4 parts Kahlua, 3/4 parts Triple sec, 3 scoops Vanilla ice-cream, Chocolate syrup (to taste). Mix all these expensive ingredients in mixer and pour into highball glass...drink and realize you paid a fortune just to get fucked.

Painkiller = “A Brett Favre”
Directions: A frothing a mixture of 1 part spiced rum, 1 part pineapple rum, 1 part Banana Liqueur, 2 parts pineapple juice, sweetened coconut cream, shaved ice and topping with nutmeg. Enjoy the buzz, become addicted, repent, become hero to all.

The Three Stooges/Three Wise Men = “A Pacman-Tank-Henry”
Directions: Equal parts Jack, Jim and Johnnie. Get fucked up, make it rain, arm yourself, do massive amounts of drugs...you know the joke by now. (All 4 lifted and slightly modified from PacManJonesin to get the most booze in us and my own commentary added...hell of a job man)


Anonymous said...

Starfucker="A Kobe Bryant accuser"
Directions:1 part Watermelon Schnapps,1 part Red Bull,1 part Crown Royal.Mix all three in a glass and shoot...and have your lawyer on speed dial.

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