Saturday, May 3, 2008

We Don't Need Another Hero

Thank you, Jose Offerman. Your services are no longer needed. Like his hero Offerman, pitcher Olivio Astacio brings new meaning to the phrase "batshit crazy".

Astacio was released from the Pirates organization yesterday after attacking a teammate with a bat during an argument at extended spring training.

Astacio and the other player were having an argument, the sources said, and Astacio struck the player's leg with a swing of his bat. He swung again and missed before the incident was broken up.

The other player -- who was not identified -- is not seriously injured, and no charges have been filed. But Pirates management, already wary of Astacio's troubled past throughout his professional career, promptly released him Thursday.
Astacio is the Ryan Perrilloux of the minors. He has also been benched for a whole season by the Red Sox for disciplinary reasons and broken his hand in a fight after pitching one game in 2006. No word on whether the Bengals will try to convert him to a football player.

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