The Guardian’s recent expose of labor practices in Qatar brought attention to the plight of workers building facilities for the 2022 World Cup. Dozens have died in the past several weeks and thousands more are working under slave-like conditions. The government responded to the report by giving a laborer free like Amistad.

The Nepalese government has recalled its ambassador to Qatar following a request from the Gulf state after several controversial comments relating to Nepalese foreign workers.

Maya Kumari Sharma has come under fire from Qatari authorities since she described Qatar as “an open jail” during an interview on the BBC in March.

Her sacking on Wednesday coincided with a report in The Guardian newspaper that said 44 Nepalese labourers had died during the summer while working on Qatar developments.

Laborers from south and southeast Asia have worked under horrific conditions for years in places like Qatar and Dubai however World Cup preparations and the Guardian expose have brought increased attention to their struggles.

Qatar’s ambassador to Nepal demanded that Sharma be recalled for threatening bilateral ties between the two countries. Nepal responded by bending over and following the Emir’s orders. Many labor organizations claim that Nepal is more than aware of its citizen’s treatment by Qatar.

The Qatar 2022 Supreme Committee responded to questions from the Guardian by stating that an investigation had been opened and quoting current Qatari law. It also expressed concern about the allegations but strangely did not deny them.

FIFA has avoided comment on the report but it’s unlikely that they’ll do anything but express “concern” and support for humane work conditions. Sepp Blatter has advised construction workers to refrain from suffering during the World Cup preparations if they want to avoid pain.


“Congratulations Italy! You just came in third in the Confederations Cup! What are you going to do now?”

“Eh… Mi scusi but we cannot celebrate. They would not let us bring our meat and cheese into the country. We go home and make a porchetta from Maya. Do not tell Mario. Grazie!”

Italy managed to edge out Uruguay in Sunday’s third-place game through penalties. Spain-Brazil is coming up at 6 PM ET. Win or lose, Spain isn’t going out quietly if the Confederations Cup group stages are anything to go by. Soccer game betting offers fans an exciting way to engage with matches, predicting outcomes and supporting their favorite teams. The 토토 커뮤니티 후기 provides valuable insights into betting strategies, odds analysis, and match predictions, helping bettors make informed decisions and enhancing their overall betting experience.

The World and European champions tried to celebrate their group stage win over Nigeria by bringing a gaggle of 10 prostitutes back to the team hotel. Let’s just say it didn’t go over well.

The UOL Sport heard several people who witnessed the scene - including employees, security guards and local merchants - and found that, around 4am, a player from Spain arrived at the scene about ten prostitutes offering their services at the nearby beaches and tried up with women for floors that house the delegation. Readily, receptionists and security guards reported that it would not be possible, the athlete revolting.

Dissatisfied, he came into contact with some companions, who came down and started the riot. Changed, they did not accept they would have to leave women outside the hotel, initiating a discussion with the hotel staff.

After 20 minutes of negotiations, they agreed to go without prostitutes, which were removed by security from the hotel lobby. One of them, however, managed to evade the blockade and enter the elevator. However, when he reached the 15th floor, a security guard who provides services to the organization of the FIFA Confederations Cup barred their entry.

With shouts and blows up the elevator, similar to what had already done some players when they saw that they could not climb together, she woke up other guests at the hotel. There were hits mouth and even a threat to call the police car which oversees the region to intervene.

On Monday morning, before the confusion, heads of delegation and representatives of the Spanish hotel met to establish a pact of silence and prevent the fact became public, the environment impeding the winning team in the world and Euro.

Apparently a similar situation broke out earlier in Recife in which players’ belongings were stolen by women brought back to the Spanish team hotel.

Imagine the Spanish team celebrations that must have taken place after the Euro and World Cup wins then multiply that by a factor of 10 if they win today. I’ve lived in Brazil and been to South Africa. Lemme tell you something. Poland and South Africa ain’t got nothing on Brazil when it comes to partying. Also keep in mind that this tournament, while meaning something for national pride, isn’t anywhere near the level of the World Cup or the Euro in terms of prominence so they, like every other team, have probably been rolling strong since they landed in Brazil.


Usher, or Urshur to his friends, is going full Ali and playing a boxer in an upcoming Roberto Duran biopic called Hands of Stone. He’ll be playing the role of nemesis Sugar Ray Leonard.

“You couldn’t find a more stylized boxer than Sugar Ray Leonard,” Usher said by telephone. “He was an incredible motion guy, the way he moved around the ring, and I think my dancing will make it easier for me to pick up his moves. I’ve been working on familiarizing myself with the ring, sparring and just understanding how to move in the ring.”

Oh sure. Dancing translates to boxing just as well as it does to wrestling. Ask Miguel how that thinking worked out for him.

Will Smith was able to bulk up for his role in Ali. Usher claims he’s been preparing for his role for over a year but still needs to lose 20-25 pounds. He might want to choose some tougher sparring partners.

Duran is the one supposed to say “No mas” not Sugar Ray Leonard.

Edgar Ramirez will play the lead role of Duran. Robert de Niro will play his trainer, Ray Arcel. There’s no word on who will play the other members of Duran’s salsa band Arena Blanca. That’s right. Roberto Duran has a salsa band.

You’re welcome.


Former Arsenal and current Galatasary right back Emmanuel Eboue has taken to Turkey like a late night doner kabob to my stomach. A bit rough at times but it all works out in the end. He’s settled into the squad which just won the Turkish Super Cup and Super Lig. Apparently everything is super in Turkey except Allen Iverson.

Eboue hasn’t only found his form on the pitch. He’s become a master of the post-game interview. Enjoy him discussing his celebration plans after clinching the league.

Kupa Töreni Sonrasu0131 Eboue ve Murat Borlu by citrusblack83

Don’t think this was a one-off. Here he is back in March torturing the same interviewer.

This poor guy must have one job and that’s to handle the Eboue interviews. Ataturk would be proud.


First you get the coke then you get the horses and then you get the women. The Zeta drug cartel thought they came up with a brilliant way to launder money from drug proceeds until it turned out that it wasn’t.

Jose Treviño Morales and three others are going on trial in Austin, TX starting today. They allegedly set up a horse breeding and racing business that allowed them to launder millions of dollars in drug proceeds.

Law enforcement officials claim the money came from Trevino’s younger brother, Miguel Angel Treviño Morales, who happens to be head of the Mexican Zeta cartel. He is considered the chief enforcer of the gang which was started by elite Army officers who deserted to work for the Gulf cartel before breaking out on their own. He’s known to heart chopping up his victims while they’re still alive. His favorite fatality is the Guiso which involves putting a victim into an oil drum and burning him alive.

The Zetas spent over $1 million a month on horses. They continued to do so until federal authorities were tipped off by the $1 million purchase of a broodmare which is a female horse used for breeding. Others in the business noted that they were spending big and winning races at a time when the industry was struggling.

The Treviño brothers devised an elaborate scheme in which Mexican businessmen paid for the horses — some of them worth hundreds of thousands of dollars — from their own bank accounts so the purchases would appear legitimate, according to the affidavit. The Zetas would later reimburse the businessmen, and the horses’ ownership would be transferred to Tremor. The brothers’ activities on either side of the border made for a stark contrast. One week in May began with the authorities pointing fingers at Miguel Ángel Treviño for dumping the bodies of 49 people — without heads, hands or feet — in garbage bags along a busy highway in northern Mexico. The week concluded with José Treviño fielding four Tremor horses in a prestigious race at Los Alamitos Race Course, near Los Angeles.

Their horses appeared to win fair and square unlike in Mexico where they would be allowed to win by other owners who feared the wrath of Treviño if they lost.

The feds might also have been tipped off by the Zetas baller style.They would buy horses with duffel bags full of cash. The horses had names such as Number One Cartel, Big Daddy Cartel, Coronita Cartel and Mr. Ease Cartel. Their stables were named Zetas Stables. Jose was obviously the Roger Clinton or Billy Carter of the family. “Mama says give him a job. There’s no way he can mess this up. Just buy the horses and race them.”

The Zeta horse breeding operation sounds like something No Limit or Cash Money rappers would do if they actually followed through on their poorly laid out plans instead of fading away or going to prison for life.

The horses were auctioned off after the Zeta assets were seized. All 450 were purchased including one by San Antonio Spurs owners Peter and Julianna Holt. Coach Pop has already benched A Dash of Sweet Heat until Game 3 of their first round series against the Lakers. It’s unclear whether Ikea or Tesco purchased one as well. It’s more likely they went with Arabber cart horses which are more tender from walking the cobblestone streets of Baltimore.

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