Saturday, December 22, 2007

Thats Right...He's Starting

Figures Najeh Davenport starts when we're on X-mas break. Oh the jokes that could have been told...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Break

Yea, ok, I know our posting has come to a screeching halt this week so I'm just going say we're taking some time off Christmas Break. I'm working too much right now to make my yearly billable hours quota, Mustafa is in the same boat and has lost his home internet connection, so with the holidays coming up and no one really working & reading the blogosphere as much, we're just gonna take a break.

Its possible we could post, i'm not ruling that out, in fact it is probable, just don't expect our normal output until the new year. Happy Holidays peoples.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Houston Rockets Holiday Special

The Houston Rockets got together last year to try to wish everyone a merry Christmas with their own rendition of the song "12 days of Christmas"...hilarity ensued. My only wish is that Dikembe just should have been used more.

Video of Joe Namath Graduating

Everyone knows that Joe Namath finally completed college yesterday when he walked at Alabama's graduation ceremony. Well, if ya missed it on tv last night. Here it is. Broadway Joe gets quite an ovation. Yes, it is a slow news week for the Deuce. Leave us alone, its holiday time and we're mad busy. I like the end of the video where he's taking pictures, we know he's not drunk b/c he's not hitting on the fattie next to him.

Brilliant Crime Spree Foiled

Sometimes when news is slow, we have to post things that are tangentially related to sports...such as this. In New York City, Filroy Warner, professional con man, spent the last year getting free therapeutic sports massages while claiming he was an athlete who had a "groin injury". He got the massages for free because he paid for them with fake credit cards, he didn't stop there. He also grabed as much cash, jewelry and belongings as he can, and once even sexually assaulted one of his masseuses. Filroy had this brilliant scheme going for a year, but as most criminals are apt to do, he got greedy and on his 7th attempt at the EXACT SAME CRIME, in the EXACT SAME CITY, he was busted in an NYPD sting.

Now, no one ever said sexual assault is funny (unless you count the guys at MBSR), but that is one hell of a brilliant way to commit a robbery, Filroy just dipped his pen in the well too many times. The only way a genius idea like this could even be created is if he were high as shit too. It had to be like, "Yo, yo, yo man, i got this idea, son. See these fake ass credit cards here, son? What if i said i was Jordan, aight, and I needed my dong rubbed down because i pulled it yo', and I used these muthafuckin cards to get that junk for free yo'? Dawg I bet I could steal all dat cash in dat piece too!"

Oh to be a fly on that wall...and how great a name is Filroy for Christ's sake?

From: NY Post

Monday, December 17, 2007

Ravens Fan Left Out In The Cold

Ronnie Stack, aka "The Goof on the Roof", will not leave the roof of the Canton Station bar until the Ravens win another game. Baltimore is on an 8 game losing streak, with their most current loss to the previously winless Miami Dolphins bringing shame to all the Baltimore faithful.

The goof is up there all day and night, except for 1 hour a day where he attends to "personal" things. Luckily, the goof isn't totally stupid and he will not be on the roof all winter if the Ravens do not win their last 2 games. He says he'll come down in the offseason and be back up there next season until the Ravens win again. Go'wan hun! Don't wanna miss yawr jumboooos!

This is another in a long line of protests for Baltimore sports as the Sun points out:

His rooftop Hail Mary was inspired by a bartender who in 1991 climbed atop the roof of a Dundalk club to protest bickering between Orioles owner Eli Jacobs and then Gov. William Donald Schaefer over the name of the baseball stadium. The man stayed up there for 23 days. And though it didn't involve a roof, in 1988 disc jockey Bob Rivers broadcast for 11 days straight to coax the Orioles from a demoralizing record losing streak.

Our own Mustafa Redonkulous was on a roof yesterday as well, only he was going to throw himself off instead of staying up there. Fortunately for him, he choked as bad as the Ravens did, brokedown like the Ravens secondary and cried as we, his friends, carried him whimpering away. A sad sight indeed.

Photo shamlessly ripped from The Baltimore Sun