Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Deuce Poops On You

So many stories on the web, so little time to blog about them all, so the Deuce is dropping a deuce of links on you, hope you find them as entertaining as us:

- David Arquette shows his love of the ganja!!! while throwing out the first pitch at a Cubs game: TonyPierce.com
- Sex Scandal Teachers starting lineup: Stucknut/Barstoolsports
- Jovanate & Andy McDonald teach you wild and crazy pogo hopping tricks Euro stylie!: Youtube
- Koren Robinson is on work release, tried to lobby to be a janitor at the Miller Plant, instead working at a hospital: JS Online
- Somebody should tell Elton Brand he plays for the Clippers: LA Times
- List of the Top 10 Sports commercials of all time...and yet, no Terry Tate appears?? I call shenannigans!!!: SportsBusinessRadio

And speaking of Terry Tate...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

WNBA Has Festive Fans

This guy should be the Deuce's mascot. He brings the funk, he brings the noize.