Friday, May 25, 2007

Zen and the Art of Chin-Ups

This man is more in shape than you. The real question is, how many chins are in this Korean video?

Chin-ups! Chin-ups i meant!!!!

Christ...i need a vacation. Its memorial day weekend, time to take time off for a few days. There may be more posts by mustafa or trapper, but dont expect too much if anything.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dirty Thieving Scousers

Ahh morning in Athens before the Champions League final.

Milan might want to keep a 24 hour guard on that Champions League trophy or it might find its way to Liverpool.

Then again it's already in the hands of a master thief.

That's a long way to travel for a gyro, Liverpool.

Clinton Portis Condones Baby & Cobra Deathmatch

2 creatures enter, 1 creature leaves!!!

Portis later said "I don't know if he was fighting cobras and babies or not, but it's his property, it's his baby. If that's what he wants to do, do it. I think people should mind their business. I think there's bigger issues in the world and in life than babies fighting cobras on your own property," and then said, "Hunting is legal."

Opened Punching Bag Reveals Dirty Laundry

No, not the soul of black country, ACTUAL dirty laundry! A man and his son were moving their heavy bag downstairs and they wanted to see what was inside it in case the bag was going to somehow leak in this process . Much to their surprise they found this:

The entire heavy bag was filled with dirty, Cincinnati is on the case talking to the victim, Joe Heckel:

(There were) bras, thongs and bathing suits. We could not believe there were clothes inside instead of sand," he said. Heckel said the smell was "bad, real bad."
Since this is in Cincinnati, one must automatically think that a Bengal is at fault here. But which one??? Thank GOD our best friend Najeh Davenport is nowhere near the Cincinnati area. If he had anything to do with this laundry fiasco...things coulda smelled even worse.

More pictures of the mess below:

Photos by Joe Heckel, story from WLWT

You know you got hit hard...

...when you are still boxing after getting knocked the F&#% out! Holy shit he got hit hard, this is definitely keeping up with our Thursday "Random Video of Horrific Violence" theme day. If i am hearing it correctly, Simon Brown is playing the role of "Unconscious, Yet Still Creepily Punching The Air Around Him, Boxer No.1" in this video.

Ghost Fighting - Funny blooper videos are here

As always the video's comments section is full of nuggets to share:
"Its sport, wonderful spirit of sportsmen"
"Brain damage? What brain damage?"
"30 years he'll be standing on a street corner performing that same routine..."
"Looks like he's in heaven"
"how can you tell a real fighter? he fights even in his sleep! nighty night!"
"At least he went down swinging!!!"

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Matt Leinart Needs To Improve His Standards

Being a high-profile NFL quarterback doesn't just mean you play well on the field. You got to roll like one off the field like Golden Boy Tom Brady. Sports by Brooks got pictures from Leinart's 24th birthday celebration in AZ.

As you might imagine, ballers were in attendance.

Nice to see MC Ren out in public again.

The party moved from the Mondrian Scottsdale to Skybar where Leiny got a little touchy feely with...

Yo playboy, you gotta roll better than that. It looks like he got those girls from Tom Brady, Sex Cannon and MC Brains need to sit him down and 'splain a few things to him. He goes from knocking up a college girl to a herpes-infested chickenhead to this. This does not inspire confidence. This cannot bode well for the Cardinals upcoming season.

P.S. Speaking of MC Brains, whatever happened to Sudden Impact otherwise known as Whytgize?

Monday, May 21, 2007

There Are No Words

Thanks (?) to

Michael Jordan's Sons Like To Party

We here at the Deuce love women and booze...but apparently not as much as Michael Jordan's boys.

Yea thats Mike's 16 year old boy there passed out in his own puke. has somehow gotten a hold of wonderful photos of these underage lads enjoying the fruits of their father's labor...and a lot of booze. They are underage and OUT OF CONTROL! Its Jordans GONE WILD!!! Click on over to their page for more photos such as this one. OR

Pictures from

The Next Sport To Interrupt the NHL Playoffs

NBC Sports might just be preparing to show this next weekend so they can interrupt another NHL Playoff overtime hockey game. People sound more psyched about this than the recent Preakness, it should do well for them in the ratings department. Judging from the video, it is true that if you put enough alcohol in people, all events are more fun. At least they aren't having the turtles battle it out to the death like some people like to have animals do. Of course if you did want to see a turtle death-match, it would prove to be very thrilling as you can see below...very thrilling.