Monday, May 5, 2008

Pacman Jones' TN Home, Surprisingly Normal

So Pacman Jones has put his house up on the market since he's been traded to Dallas to play for the Cowboys so now one very rich person has a chance to live like Pacman...which by looking at his house, is pretty damn normal.

Here's one more picture of this place below, looks nice and spacious, but unless he's already 3/4 moved out already you must have to make way more than Pacman does to furnish this place. This guy is living like the bachelor that he is in this gigantic house so does he really have to have all this room? Looks to me like he can just live out of his bedroom here. I mean, what more does a man need in there besides a refrigerator and a microwave?

The shocking this is that I don't see any stripper poles or gigantic circular revolving beds with velvet sheets and disco balls above. No, none of that. Just what looks like a relatively normal McMansion in the suburbs of Nowheresville, Tennessee. Where the heck is a man supposed to play "Make it Rain" in this joint?

Dude even has horse stables and a whole horse run there. I noticed they were empty, but hey, its a lot better than what Michael Vick had going on in his backyard.

This house only makes the mystery that is Pacman Jones grow bigger.

Images all from the real estate page