Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Barry Bonds Doesn't Need A Team To Win

This is almost a half hour of footage of Barry Bonds taking on a Japanese comedian for some Japanese television show. You get to see some of Barry at his bulked up best, cranking balls left and right out of a small ballpark in California, beating the crap out of his opponent in a live action Baseball Board Game.

That alone is cool to watch but the amazing thing here is how much Barry seems to be genuinely enjoying himself. I don't ever think I've seen Bonds smile and laugh this much, ever. It's actually quite fun to watch him playing baseball without the weight of the world bearing down on his shoulders. Barry Bonds smiling, laughing and having fun, it's been a long time. You forget how likable he can be when he doesn't have the media and professional pressures beating him down.

Watch it now before it gets taken down because it probably will soon.

Bonds Art From George Vlosich's Art Gallery