Monday, May 5, 2008

Never Question The Sex Boat. Ever.

Jim Zorn is the Redskins head coach whether you like it or not. He may or may not know what he's doing. Talk to me about Avram Grant sometime. First he refers to the Skins as "the maroon and black" and now he's questioning the Captain.
Washington Redskins Coach Jim Zorn has a reputation for being a good teacher and a nice guy, but he erupted in anger after cornerback Shawn Springs intercepted quarterback Jason Campbell's pass and attempted to lateral the ball to cornerback Fred Smoot on the first day of the team's minicamp.

Zorn stopped play while shouting: "Don't do that! Don't do that!"

Not wanting to risk a fumble, Zorn made it clear that the Redskins will not take chances like that.

You may be the head coach but you never question the Sex Boat. You think he didn't know what he was doing when he demanded the ball? When the Vikings wanted some ass on a boat, did they go to Mike Tice? No. Did they go to Fran Tarkenton or party animal Carl Eller? I don't think so. They went to Fred Smoot. If there are two things he knows, they're high pro hoes and laterals, so slow your roll Zorn. Never address Fred "I could be the prettiest guy in the NFL" Smoot in that manner again.