Friday, May 2, 2008

It's Good To Be The King

Make the Champions League final and party until 4 AM the next day. Cool. Party with a porn star like the Sixers? Hell yea...wait, which one?

Chelsea captain John Terry and several players partied until 7 AM at Chinawhite in London. They were joined by ex-porn star Jenna Jameson who recently seems to be doing everything she can to stop being attractive.

Reportedly, adult film star Jenna moved her table right next to the Chelsea stars and wowed them with her raunchy dancing, as they continued to rack up their hefty bar bill, which ended up at an estimated £10,000.
Unfortunately for one, two or all of them, she was tossed for trying to do drugs in the bathroom so no bukakke or happy endings for anyone. Bugger!