Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Sauce Clause Lies In Wait

Bob Huggins hasn't changed much over the years. From his eating habits to his mobility, the West Virginia basketball coach is determined to stay the same no matter what.

Huggins is still getting around as though he's under the influence. He tripped over a cone and smacked his head on the tarmac while leaving a plane in Charlotte. The coach never lost consciousness but was taken to a hospital as a precautionary measure as he was feeling dizzy. Our first thought was that he made nice with the drink cart but it seems to be nothing but mere clumsiness. The Tipsy McStagger Clause has not been triggered so you can relax.

One would think Huggins would be more careful. This is the same guy who had to be shocked back to life three times after suffering a "massive heart attack" almost six years ago yet is proud of not changing his habits.

"It's the same thing you do New Year's Eve," he said. "You say, 'I'm going to do this,' and about the 3rd of January you're back doing what you did before. I haven't really changed all that much. I would love to sit here and tell you that I probably eat better, but look at me. That's obviously not the case.''
A man of habit. The same theory probably holds true for the graduation rate of his players. "I gotta get this back down to zero ... Hey! What the fuck are you doing reading? Who taught you that shit?"

Thanks to Don T for the tip.