Thursday, December 6, 2007

Compare: Knievel's Injuries And McNair's Injuries

Here's a look at Evel Knievel's injuries he sustained during his glorious career as the world's greatest daredevil. Pretty bad huh? For some reason this reminded me of this old Steve McNair injury roundup photo. Look at them compared to Steve McNair's injuries sustained through 2005, its amazing what people put themselves through. Evel looks to have broken every bone in his body and McNair looks to have bruised and sprained every muscle in his body. McNair is quite the daredevil himself. No wonder he's done as a QB.


Ravens D said...

McNair just plain out doesn't have it anymore. One year he is co-Offensive MVP and the next he sucks. He's not really hurt. He just can't throw and thats why the Raven's benched him for the rest of the season.