What’s happened to Money Mayweather? He appears on the WWE and now he’s making Pacman Jones look good up in the club. At least Pacman kept it real when he made it rain in Vegas even if he proceeded to take his money back and tear up the club afterwards. When we say keeping it real, we mean he used real money.

Floyd Mayweather could be the target of federal investigators after allegedly making it rain at a club with counterfeit money.

My photographer Freddy O was almost arrested at a gas station this morning after trying to pay for gas with one of the counterfeit $100 bills that boxer Floyd Mayweather tossed in the air at Club PURE last night.

According to Fred (and several others in attendance) Mayweather’s “boys” were handing him the stacks of hundreds.

There is speculation that one of his “boys” switched out the real hundreds for the counterfeit hundreds and kept the real cash for himself. I would be inclined to believe that maybe Floyd didn’t know what his boys were doing, except that this has happened before!

Some club patrons in Las Vegas also complained about Mayweather tossing counterfeit bills earlier this year. We’re not talking fake bills of the copy machine variety - we’re talking print shop quality counterfeit bills.

Sandra Rose offers up what it says is proof of the counterfeit bills. The site also says Mayweather exaggerates his wealth. Shocking. A real rapper (lyrics NSFW) would never lie about his paper. Oscar de la Hoya should pay Money in fake bills for their rematch.

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