Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Francesco Totti Sleeps With The Fishes

The Roma striker may have ended up floating in the Tiber if Inter Milan's tailor had his way.

Tailor Domenico Brescia was "revealed to be a convicted murderer who is close to the Crisafulla Mafia clan". The Telegraph reports that Italian police suspect he is also a coke dealer.

Brescia's telephone was tapped and thousands of conversations were taped including ones with Inter players and manager Roberto Mancini. Most calls were innocent. Others? Not so much.

However, in one call Mr Mancini is recorded discussing Daniele Bizzozzero, a Mafioso associate of Brescia's who had fled to Monte Carlo and then Paris in a bid to escape the police.

"What happened to him," Mr Mancini is heard asking. "How was he arrested? I told him to stay [in Paris] and wait for a pardon."

Brescia then said that Bizzozzero was stupid, to which Mr Mancini replied: "He has always behaved well with me."
What the hell is Mancini doing telling some Mafia guy to stay on the lam? How does he have knowledge of this situation?

Mancini is most likely out of a job after winning the Scudetto this past weekend even after fans harassed Luis Figo for allegedly running over a black cat on purpose. Rumors have Mancini replacing Avram Grant at Chelsea next season. Just what we need. A shady Russian owner and a Mafia consigliere. I suspect the number of favorable calls on the pitch will shoot up should Mancini take over the reins.

Police don't intend to prosecute anyone at Inter because that's the Italian way from Berlusconi on down. The club claimed to have let Brescia go after finding out the full extent of his criminal history yet the conversation with Mancini shows that some at the club knew his background.