So, Washington DC has built the Lerner family-owned Nationals one hell of a shiny new stadium to the tune of $650,000,000. It even opened on time. I seem to recall Ryan Zimmerman hitting a game winning home run on opening night!

Apparently, though 45,000 fans packed into the stadium handing the Lerners $8 for a beer doesn’t mean the stadium is “complete”. See, the team offices in the stadium still need some spit and polish, so the city is letting them use the old RFK offices for free until all the “Hang in There Baby” posters can be leveled. Do the Lerners say “thanks for the new home, looking forward to the new offices”? Of course not, that wouldn’t be up to the high standards of DC-area sports owner douche-bagocracy. Nope, instead, they try to get another $100k/day out of the city and its taxpayers. Hmmm, wonder what they would do with that extra money. Players who can hit the ball? Pitchers who can actually get it over the plate? Or maybe they’ll just squeeze in a few more seats behind home plate that noone wants to pay for.

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Filed under: CheapskatesWashington Nationals

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