Tuesday, December 4, 2007

2 Girls + 1 Boat

What do you get when you put two MILFs in a boat, naked, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean? Why you get two sexy participants in the Atlantic Rowing Race of 2007! Rachel Smith and Lin Griesel, both of Chester, England left La Gomera, in the Canary Islands yesterday and are attempting to break the current British women’s record for rowing across the Atlantic Ocean...but they're doing it in style, they're gonna do it naked. Smith says:

It’s recommended that you do row naked for health and hygiene reasons. If you get salt water on your clothes it can rub quite badly - that’s the real reason people row naked.

Why are they participating in this crazy event? They want to raise £100,000 for breast cancer research. Makes sense to me. The Deuce whole heartedly supports this event and we hope these sexy cougars accomplish their goals. If you want to donate, go to the Atlantic Rowing Challenge website and help these lassies out.

From Liverpool Daily Post