Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Site Redesign Coming

The Deuce will be changing soon. No more dog poo background, its time for something new. We might even have ourselves a nifty logo at the top instead of the text we have now. Things are a changin.

We are going to try to keep the color scheme the same and we're going to have 3 columns instead of the 2 we currently have in an effort to clean up the page a bit. Does anyone have any suggestions, comments, wishes, or hate they want to get off their chest before the redesign is complete? Leave a comment, let the Deuce know what's on your mind.


Mustafa Redonkulous said...

How about shutting it down? You guys blow! Oh wait..

100% Injury Rate said...

you stole my Steely McBeam hard-on MS paint job! Just like Deadspin. All my my hard work (30 seconds) goes uncredited.

Jason said...

I'll support any change that involves swapping out the steaming pile I'm always running into on our site.