Thursday, April 17, 2008

There Are No Running Backs In This Dojo!

One thing that Michael Westbrook learned from his playing time in the NFL is that he loves hitting people. He loves hitting people so much, that he is currently pursuing a black belt in Brazilian jujitsu. Stephen Davis doesn't have anything to worry about anymore though because while Michael Westbrook might be best known for pummelling the crap outta Davis, he doesn't actually like to hit people in the face he says in an ESPN interview:

"I've never gotten a good feeling from hitting someone in the face,'' Westbrook said. "I had to do it growing up to defend myself, but I never liked it. A lot of people get off on that, but I don't want to do it.''
Well if he doesn't want to do that, why did he go nuts on Stephen Davis lo' those many years ago?
"He didn't call me a name,'' Westbrook said of Davis. "That's where it gets mixed up. It got reported and it got changed into something monstrous. I was talking to him, Brian Mitchell and Terry Allen. They were talking about 'letting us handle the team.' I was like, 'You all are a bunch of jealous [f----]. You all are just jealous of everything I have.'

"Stephen Davis told me I needed to shut up and all that stuff I was saying sounded like some gay [s---], like I'm soft, not like I'm gay. That's all he said. It wasn't like, 'You're gay,' but it got changed to that really quick. So the connotation is Michael Westbrook is gay.''

Ahh I see. He will only hit people in the face if they call him gay, but not gay meaning happy and not gay meaning homosexual but gay meaning soft and he won't like it while he's doing it. I wonder exactly what SD, Brian Mitchell and Terry Allen were jealous of anyway, it's not like their careers flamed out like his did? Anyway, the good news from this story is, Westbrook is happy now, he doesn't have to work since he stole millions from NFL teams and invested it well, he's becoming a master of jujitsu and its mellowed him out a bit while giving him the ability to pummel people with an even greater viciousness now more than ever, if he choses to do so.

Yes, Mr. Westbrook, you are in a good place, but still, fuck you. Your sucking for the Redskins along with Heath Shuler and Desmond Howard are in all of my nightmares.