Monday, February 11, 2008

Bloggers Now Can Lose Weight While Working

Now us bloggers have no excuse to have extra pounds. Some intrepid dude has come up with the Tread Desk. Thats right, its a desk that can lift up so you can work while you are walking or running right in front of it. Genius right? The bane of your existence? True as well. Going to burn a hole in your pocket if you wish to purchase it? You betcha! It can run up to 4000 bucks to get yourself a complete set up if you want to do it up all fancy, but it looks like you can be good to go with a $2000 outlay. In reality, the money you spend on this probably would be made up in the fact that you're actually active and burning some calories making you much healthier.

Sure there are plenty of us sports bloggers that could probably stand to lose some pounds. I'd love to drop a solid dime in weight. I can also think of a few head coaches that could use this during the week while they're preparing their game plans.
Yea, definitely Friedgen

Oh yea, Mangino too

Do not forget Weis in you get the point.

From Tread Desk


Will Leitch's Asian Boy Toy said...

Anyone ever see Woody Allen's "Bananas?" He was all over the work office gym.