Friday, January 4, 2008

Let The Games Begin...

The World Series of Beer Pong is currently underway in Las Vegas at the South Point Casino. You can read all about some of the goings on from the first day here in the blog of a guy named "The Champ" from the team Saddam's Model Home, a wonderful pull from the now cancelled but never forgotten Arrested Development.

There are 295 other poorly wittily named teams participating this year with 16 teams currently tied for first place with records of 6-0 after the first day of competition. Two more days of this contest are left for one team to win the $50,000 first place prize.

Everyone loves a good drinking game and even if this does have the possibility of being the worlds biggest frat party I cannot help but wish I and all of the Deuce members could be out there with them drinking beer for the chance to win money. Ladies and gentlemen, what the fuck is more American than that?