Friday, June 20, 2008

Bigger Is Better

This is, perhaps, the largest foosball table ever created. From the looks of the website, it was made by some German Dutch guys, here's what they have to say about their pride and joy:

Reclame stunt voor Amstel Bier, tijdens de finale van het Europese voetbalkampioenschap. Aan de tafel kunnen 2 complete elftallen spelen. De tafel is geheel demontabel en wordt in 6 flightcases vervoerd.

This, roughly translated, means "Please enjoy our fucking gigantic-ass table". You actually would need to have two complete football teams to even attempt to play this sucker which was originally created for an Amstel Beer commercial during the European Championship League Finals. Good luck getting enough friends together to actually make this competitive...but with enough alcohol, i'm sure attempting to play this would be fun as hell. Someone here in the states needs to make this.

Here's another picture so you can understand the enormity of this thing.


From Airworks Inflatables


Dutch guy said...

That's Dutch not German.

And don't say it's all the same because the relationship between most Dutch and German people is like te relationship between a Red Sox fan and a Yankees fan. Not the best match.
Especially not during a soccer championship!!!!

Chimpanzee Rage said...


Sonny Amou said...

Always wanted to play foosball against a centipede.