Thursday, August 14, 2008

Steven Jackson Continues Plot To Ruin Your Fantasy Football Team

Steven Jackson's training camp holdout is now over 20 days long and he's been fined over $300,000 for his insubordination. Strange that he isn't there because he wants more money but is giving up $300k, weird how that works. In any case, he's not close to coming into camp any time soon as his agents and the team have only just started to have "low-level" talks about a new deal, which is probably going something like

"He's really not coming back is he?"
"How much more does he want?"
"How much more you got?"
"Fuck you."

At least that's how I imagine it. What is lost in this coverage is not the impact that this is having on the team, SJax's career, or his agent's ability to land any more clients if this holdout doesnt work, no, what is lost in this coverage is the impact that this is having on fantasy football players everywhere.

It was bad enough last year when Jackson was hurt for most the year, and when he was healthy was running behind a shambles of an offensive line. Now, he hasn't practiced a day of football leading up to the season. That isn't good for you. Statistically, its horrible for you says Dick Vermeil,

"Carl Peterson did a study for the Kansas City Chiefs," Vermeil said. "He's one of the most experienced presidents-general managers in the National Football League.

"He's been there since 1989, and he's done studies as to holdouts. Not only in Kansas City, but all through the league. He says there's a much higher correlation or a chance of getting injured after holding out, regardless of position."

Someone is going to have to draft this guy, and draft him in the first round, and will basically be taking the old maid. Someone is going to look at his draft guides, see that there is no way that Stephen Jackson should be available at the 6th or 7th pick in the first round. Someone is going to have to now make a choice to either draft Marshawn Lynch, Clinton Portis or Stephen Jackson...and inevitably they will take SJax because "He's only 25! He could run for 2000 yards! Its a steal!! It would be over valuing those scrubs taking them here!" That same someone, will end up losing this year for it.

I'm not sayin that someone is me...but i'm fuckin' pissed about this holdout.


John said...

GD Stephen Jackson. He is ruining the Rams chance to go 3-13 this year by holding out this long. I don't know why he thinks he's LT. I did, however, once have the pleasure of standing directly behind him in the security line at the St. Louis Airport. Two observations: (1) He is big. (2) He does not like it when my smelly Doc Martens "roll all up" on his leather jacket. I know because he told me.