Saturday, February 9, 2008

I Award You No Points And May God Have Mercy On Your Soul

I went to a football game and a donkey show broke out. Wow. What can you say about the debacle that is the Washington Redskins? If you're Vinny Cerrato, you say "Who done what in the who?" and grab Mr. Dan another POM. If you're a Redskins fan, you're probably praying for the return of Jack Kent Cooke. I think they'd almost take George Preston Marshall back at this rate, racism and everything.

It appears the Redskins coaching search has finally ended. The Washington Post is reporting that newly hired offensive coordinator Jim Zorn has been promoted to head coach.

"We're proud that our search was diligent, thorough, and resulted in today's announcement," Snyder said in a statement. "Jim's track record and reputation as a player, great teacher, and as a coach makes us confident that they will translate to success for the Redskins."

Ironically, Fassell and Williams both told the Redskins that Zorn would be their top choice to be offensive coordinator if they got the head coaching job, sources said.
It would be next to impossible to name all the candidates Dan Snyder has run through so we'll let BradyFan83 do it for us.

Snyder has turned the Skins into a laughingstock. He's run through coaching candidates like Travis Henry through baby mamas and come out looking like an ass. Everyone's turned him down except Jim Fassel who apparently can't get a job if his life depended on it. Maybe he shouldn't have blown off the job given to him by his best friend.
Spagnuolo withdrew on Wednesday. Of the remaining candidates, Fassel was the only one to get a phone call that day from the Redskins reiterating their interest and telling him to expect further contact, league sources said. On Thursday, none of the candidates was contacted, according to league sources, but observers at Redskins Park began to notice that Zorn was not at the facility as often as expected and had begun spending more time with Snyder and vice president for football operations Vinny Cerrato, leading some in the organization to believe he was now interviewing to become the head coach.

Bt yesterday, negotiations with Zorn intensified and that evening one of Snyder's planes was sent to Seattle to pick up Zorn's family. The Redskins also contacted Fassell yesterday, telling him further communication would be coming today, league sources said.
Did Snyder really think that he would get a top coach when he hired the rest of the staff first? Sally Jenkins laid it out for anyone considering the job. Who would work for Dan Snyder unless they were desperate or were new to the coaching game? No big name coach in his right mind would work for him.

Snyder doesn't just want a head coach. He wants a yes man and apparently it will be Jim Zorn. I'm not implying that Zorn is a poor choice or that he won't be a good coach but one has to wonder how long of a leash he'll have. Norville was fired midseason with a winning record. Marty was canned after taking the Skins to the playoffs.

Snyder's done nothing to show that he stands by his coaches or players except in the aftermath of the Sean Taylor murder. It shouldn't take a death to make an owner show some competence and reliability.

This search has exposed to the country to what Redskins fans have known for a long time. When it comes to football decisions, Dan Snyder doesn't know his head from his ass.

Best of luck to Jim Zorn. He's going to need it.