Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sean Taylor's Death A Boon To Some

Sad that some people in the world are now making money off of the death of a young man, but this is still American last time I checked and on Ebay right now, if you do a search for Sean Taylor you will find all sorts of items now going for prices never before seen for his merchandise.

Some of the worst actually use the attack in their descriptions such as this autographed color photo signed by Sean Taylor starting at $138.50. Also is this action figure going up for sale for $150.00, but hey at least he says in the description he's not trying to capitalize on the death, that must make it better when he discusses it in his description for sale. This trading card sale which describes his attack going for $28.50. This autographed photo going for $26.00 that actually uses a RIP 1983-2007 photo in its sale.

There are plenty of others for sure, it is pretty amazing what people will do to make a buck.