In the ever evolving world of sport, I have never seen anything like this. This sport is called Combaton, derived from the use of combat and a baton, and it is pretty uniquely weird. From the website:

“The object of the game is for the offense to move the baton down field and score on their opponent’s goal pole. The defense must stop the offense and end the attack by kicking the baton carrier.”

So if you’re scoring at home, its kinda like cricket, lacrosse, football and martial arts exhibitions all wrapped up into one. Yea, that’s about right. Speaking of scoring, the points system is this: 3 points for any standing kick, 4 points for any jumping kick up to 180 degrees and 5 points for any 360 degree spinning kick. The only way to stop the guy with a baton, and thus the advance to the goal, is to kick him off his feet or just so hard an official stops the action for a reset.

As if that wasn’t nutty enough, if opposing teams possess the baton at the same time, they have a freaking “Fight Off” which means the two guys get taken to a circle to battle it out over who gets the right to hold the baton. Two men enter, 1 baton leaves!!!!

So yea, potentially brutal and awesome sport but from the looks of this video, kind of a sport for really intense martial arts type peoples that like to run around quite a bit while getting their kicks off. I want to see some brutality in these videos! Watch the promo for yourself


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