Even geeks have to watch the Super Bowl so what better to get the geeks of the world excited about the big game than with a physics contest! Yea, a site called Physics Central is hosting a contest for the geeks of the world to make a video that demonstrates some aspect of physics in football. The prize, you see below. Doesn’t look all that special? Well it’s special to the physics nerds. Its a nanoscale trophy. Get excited people!

A nanoscale trophy will be created in silicon and metal, which will be visible only under super high magnification electron or scanning microscopes. At such minuscule dimensions, the width of the features will be about a thousand times thinner than a strand of human hair!

Oh, and you can bag $1000 bucks too so there is something in this story for the non-geeks of the interwebs (wait, are there any?) . So get your geek on and make a grab for that cash and a really fucking tiny trophy that you will never, ever see.

I might send in a video demonstrating the physics of the impact of an Osi Umenyiora sack on Tom Brady’s receding hair follicles.

From Physics Central

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