Friday, November 2, 2007

Alex Zanardi Is A Hard Muthaf--ka

Alex Zanadrdi don't play. He's not about that fake studio gangsta b.s.

In case you don't remember Zanardi, here's a video clip of his last CART race in 2001.

In case you don't speak German, he managed to walk away from the crash and fly himself to the hospital in his personal helicopter. Oh, never mind. He lost both legs but he managed to survive and return to racing on the World Touring Car Championship circuit.

This Sunday, Zanardi's racing in the New York City Marathon. He's competing in the handcycle division. He's only doing it to prove a point.

Race car driver Alex Zanardi was chatting with a manager at a pasta manufacturer he endorses about getting involved with the New York City Marathon, for which the company, Barilla, sponsors a prerace dinner. Zanardi, who lost both legs in a horrific crash during a 2001 race, quipped that he could compete in the marathon.

Silence. Then the manager said, "You're crazy."

"Up to that point, I was just joking. When he told me I couldn't do something," Zanardi said, "in my head, it's 'You've got to prove it now."'

He's had less than a month to prepare. What's your excuse, bitch?