Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Kobe Better Stock Up On Khakis

If blog hater Sam Smith is right, Kobe Bryant might need to load up on Dockers and start wearing his work ID around his neck even when he's not at work.

Smith reports that Kobe Bryant could move to the Washington Wizards with Agent Zero moving the other way. Most seem to think that a move to the Bulls is inevitable but an unnamed GM familiar with the Bryant talks thinks a Lakers-Wizards trade could happen.

This seems like a long shot as a one for one trade would be highly unlikely. Smith notes that the Lakers would also want a power forward which the Wizards don't have. Bryant also has a no-trade clause and hasn't expressed any interest in going to DC.

Arenas is talking about opting out of his contract after this season. He's from Los Angeles and has become a star, one of the league's highest-scoring players and an engaging personality who would embrace the Hollywood scene. He would meet the Lakers' demands for an All-Star player if they trade Bryant.
On the other hand, Bryant would find it hard to go from hanging at Teddy's to kicking it with the douchebags at Lauriol Plaza. I just don't see Kobe dropping $21,000 on jello shots at Millie and Al's. However the upside for Vanessa Bryant would be the less rapetastic nature of the city. No worries about Kobe getting into trouble for that anymore.


Jarrett Carter said...

Kobe would be an absolute hit at the Cap Centre Boulevard Five Guys.