Why have an NBA dunk contest anymore?

Ugh, remember that dunk? See, when there are dunks like the one below during the All-Star game, what is the point of having an NBA slam dunk contest anymore?

That, friends, is a sick dunk. A sicker dunk than I saw during the whole dunk contest at least. Its a shame superstar player like LeBron didn’t participate in the slam dunk contest this year and that instead we were left with B list performers using black lights from your local midnite bowling alley and jumping over people. Not really all that interesting to me. The utter lack of defense played in the All-Star game these days allows for dunks like the above all.the.time. I mean the final score of the All-Star game was 152-149. There was NO defense being played as evidenced by this awesome alley-oop dunk by Kevin Durant and Chris Paul:

Just nasty. How about some more LeBron?

Ok, for real, its far more interesting to watch guys cut lose in the flow of a game rather than have 10 attempts at a lame dunk that once you’ve seen botched three times you could give a rats ass about. Maybe changing the structure of the dunk contest is in order, maybe paying out premiums for actual All-Stars to participate in dunking contests is called for but personally i’d rather just let the contest die the death it has deserved since Brent Barry won it lo these many years ago. Dumping the contest even might make for some more entertaining dunks throughout the actual game since it would be the only place to showcase one’s dunking prowess. The All-Star game itself is one step away from a Harlem Globetrotters game as is, just let them go wild.

But hey, congrats Jeremy Evans…you won with these.

Just over one year ago choke artist Lebron James ripped our collective Cleveland hearts out of our big, fat, unemployed chests when he uttered the now imfamous “taking (his) talents to South Beach” staging a public divorce from his hometown team (well, not really, I mean he grew up in Akron, not Cleveland but Akron doesn’t have an NBA team, so suck it) and the only team he had played for professionally (he probably got paid at SVSM, but semantics).

Cleveland went on to finish with the second worst record in the NBA but did manage to lock up two of the top four draft picks in the worst NBA draft in years. Typical.

While ‘The Decision’ was savaged by the media, including ESPN, the worldwide leader in sports is now sticking a small makeshift scarecrow outside of their hole to see if Elmer Fudd has left yet. They are now attempting to recast Lebron and ESPN’s collectively selfish, and transparent tv special as a noble, and selfless act.

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Do you know those flashback scenes from Terminator when Kyle Reese fades out and you see the sky is pitch black and there is rubble and bodies everywhere? That’s what Cleveland’s downtown looks like in 2011. The city is bleeding population, and jobs, and the most famous athlete since Jim Brown bolted for better weather, and to play with his butt buddies, Dwayne Wade, and Chris “Me Too” Bosh.

In January, evildoer Lebron James tweeted out the now-infamous “karma is a bitch” tweet. Lebron denied he was talking about his former team, who were catching a beating from the Lakers that eventually shook out to 112-57, but Lebron is a goddamn liar so nobody believed him. Sunday, the Bulls handed the Miami Heat a 21-point beating that should have been filed in a police report as an assault. Tuesday night, Dan Gilbert delivered the first good news on the CAVS front in some time. Don’t call karma names, Lebron!

Taste the happy, ESPN:

The Cavs will select first for the first time since 2003, when they drafted James out of high school.

He left for Miami last summer and the Cavs tumbled to the second-worst record in the league, but they will have two top-four picks next month as they try to back owner Dan Gilbert’s boast that they would win a title before James. They already had their own pick and acquired another at the trade deadline from the Clippers in the deal for Baron Davis.

It is also worth noting that Cleveland Browns players Joshua Cribbs, and Joe Haden were there, along with Bernie Kosar. Cribbs and Haden were rooting for the CAVS, Kosar was going to ask for a loan from Dan Gilbert.

Wonder if his mother or Delonte West jumped out of the cake.

H/T to Dime Magazine.

LeBron Invokes The Name Of Favre

Last night the Heat beat the Bucks in Milwaukee by 10, 88-78.  Before the game, LeBron James was asked if he can relate to Brett Favre because he too is hated by the team, city and/or state where he once played. LeBron’s answer was…typical LeBron.

“Brett (had) great years here in Green Bay, and any time a great competitor like that leaves, no one wants to see that, but they’ve done a great job of regrouping with Aaron Rodgers and I believe that Cleveland will do the same,” James said.

Thats our Bron Bron!  He was asked if he could relate and he said “any time a great competitor like that leaves, no one wants to see that”.  Sure no town wants to see their best player leave town, but c’mon the two situations and how they both went down were a little different.

Brett Favre, for all the crap he gets for what he’s done lately, did actually win a championship in Green Bay, a city as far from his hometown as can be. Also, Favre left town after being there for the vast majority of his career, winning said championship, waffling on retirement then essentially getting pushed out the door because the GM wanted to play his young backup quarterback who was going to split town if he didn’t get the chance to start over the old man that he was (and is) CLEARLY better than at this point in both their careers.

LeBron, on the other hand, left his hometown (or real close to it at least) in the prime of his career, without winning a single championship, to go play with his friends.  Meanwhile, his former team was left with a shell of a non-competitive roster in place and is facing the lottery for the conceivable future since their entire team is made up of players meant to compliment a player whom is no longer there…LeBron.

Sure, Cleveland will get over it just as fast as Green Bay!  Its totally the same situation! You are basically the black Brett Favre!

Well, come to think of it, while the situations for their departures from their former teams were different, the players themselves are kinda similar.  Both of them have to be in the top ten list of most selfish players in their respective sports, both of them whine a ton on their playing fields, and both of them are probably some of the most narcissistic and non-self aware people on the planet.

He might just be Black Brett Favre.  When do the Wrangler commercials start airing?