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Deuce of Davenport was started in 2007 by Chimpanzee Rage, Mustafa Redonkulous and Trapper John.  Trapper moved on but Chimp & Mustafa stayed on to keep the fire burning. We are a general sports blog that writes about the things in sports most people don’t focus on…but should. We also will add in random posts about whatever we feel is funny at the moment. We’re not too locked into being a stuffy sports blog here. Funny is funny, ya know?

Deuce of Davenport has been featured on Comcast SportsNet, The Washington Post, SI.com, ESPN.com, Deadspin.com, CBSSports.com, Yahoo Sports, SBNation, AOL Fanhouse, The Big Lead, …pretty much most major sports blogs or websites on the internet.  If you don’t know us by now, you really aren’t reading the Internet well enough.

About The Authors

Chimpanzee Rage:  Author Bio Coming

Mustafa Redonkulous: Author Bio Coming

BKBoccerelli: Author Bio Coming

Duke Jackson: Author Bio Coming

Turd Ferguson: Author Bio Coming


Updated 5/5/2011

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