In Soviet Russia, WALDO FINDS YOU!

Note to self, never Zorb while vacationing in Russia…wait, scratch that, i’m never going to Zorb anywhere, ever after seeing this video.  Two guys in a Zorb roll down a hill then veer terribly off course, rolling down a gorge, hitting a ton of rocks while breaking the neck and killing one of the two guys in the ball.  Terrifying and sad and now because you cannot NOT click play on that video you will watch it all happen!!

This video isnt so horrific, it just made me laugh.  Its not so much the failed handspring that is the heart of the humor here, its that the poor person in the mascot outfit tried to recover from the failed handspring by just keepin’ on dancin’.

Apparently they didn’t realize how hurt they were and they just collapse in a heap on the stage after a failed attempt at “dancing it off”.

Just makes me think that when the kid in that outfit was handed the eagle costume (obviously by the wise old man who was the mascot before he just got too old to prance around on stage) he was told that the number one rule of being a mascot was “JUST KEEP DANCIN!  NEVER LET EM SEE YOU NOT DANCIN’!”

Tried and failed.

This guy got kicked in the head so hard that he forgot to fall down right away. But oh boy, when he did fall…wham! FACEPLANT.

40 Foot Dive Into Baby Pool

Normally I tend to throw videos up that involve Random Horrific Violence or something but this one is different in that some insane person attempted a crazy stunt…and ACTUALLY PULLED IT OFF.  This old teacher jumps from a 40 foot high dive into a babypool, in the freezing cold, wearing nothin but some trunks and a cape.  Its brief but awesome.

Muay Thai Master…Of Fail

The only thing that would make this video better is if the dude shattered his shin while trying to be a badass. I’ll settle for the humiliation though.