A college friend who will remain nameless had a habit of flashing people at every possible opportunity. You’d be walking down the hall minding your business when he would jump out, seemingly from nowhere, with his dick hanging out. The worst was going to the bathroom. He would sucker you into a conversation, wait until you turned towards the shower then throw up the shower curtain and yell “Check out my unit!” It’s one thing as a college prank. It’s another when Visanthe Shiancoe flashes almost 65,000 football fans during a game.

The NFL took time away from banning running backs from being running backs to require all NFL teams to install video cameras in their locker rooms for the upcoming season. Footage will only be shown on in-stadium scoreboards. Kommissar Roger Goodell claims that the cameras will “enhance the fan experience”.

How much access is too much during NFL games? Most can agree that nothing is gained from the halftime interview. “We need to stop the run and get back to our game.” Thanks. “We need to put some points on the board.” Really? Coaches just want to get into the locker room to make adjustments, check injuries and get ready for the 2nd half. They’re not going to give anything away or say something controversial.

Sideline reporting has become a distraction more than anything else. What’s the point beyond reporting on injuries or altercations on the sidelines? The rest is just filler. The problem isn’t a lack of journalistic ability (unless your name is Tony Siragusa). It’s an issue of how the reporters are used and how little useful information they provide over the course of the game.

Locker room cameras won’t do much to enhance the fan experience. Coaches aren’t going to open up and lay out their game plan. They won’t let loose and motivate players as they normally would behind closed doors. Players won’t be themselves either at least after the first couple get fined for speaking their minds.

Locker room intrusions will affect how teams conduct business in the locker room. I usually favor openness but it’s unclear how this will benefit the fans.

The NFL would focus on cheaper ticket prices and more television access for fans if they were actually interested in enhancing the experience. Do more like making All-22 coverage available as the league did last season. Sunday Ticket should be accessible on cable and online. Showing replays on stadium scoreboards is a good start. It should be up to the individual teams to make the live experience better for the ticket buying public. Some would be great and others like Dan Snyder would suck the very souls out of people.

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