Not a New Sport: Extreme Ice Skating

You are about to witness one crazy insane (or insane crazy) man. That man you see under the headline? He is Tor Eckhoff and his blood is made of fire.  This guy boozes it up while skating and rolling around a frozen lake somewhere in Norway…yeah i said rolling around on the ice.  Did I mention that he rolls around in his underwear as well?  How about that he dives in the frozen lake in just his underwear?

Certifiably insane. Fire blood. I love it.  Steve-O, you’d better step up your game, son.

Just keep watching til he starts skating around half naked with a chainsaw. The crazy is strong with Tor…and it is good.

This video isnt so horrific, it just made me laugh.  Its not so much the failed handspring that is the heart of the humor here, its that the poor person in the mascot outfit tried to recover from the failed handspring by just keepin’ on dancin’.

Apparently they didn’t realize how hurt they were and they just collapse in a heap on the stage after a failed attempt at “dancing it off”.

Just makes me think that when the kid in that outfit was handed the eagle costume (obviously by the wise old man who was the mascot before he just got too old to prance around on stage) he was told that the number one rule of being a mascot was “JUST KEEP DANCIN!  NEVER LET EM SEE YOU NOT DANCIN’!”

Tried and failed.

If you are ever caught in the unenviable position of rolling your Jeep over while off-roading or “mudding” or whatever you want to call it, the one thing you want to do is not die while doing it. Saving the vehicle is second on that list for sure but top priority is not dying.

The guy in this video handles not dying during his own personal Jeep-roll like a champ. In the midst of his Jeep flipping over, while going downhill, he was ejected and out of nowhere he pulls some awesome Bruce Lee shit. He manages to flip himself around, in mid air, while the car is tumbling away behind him, and stick the landing like he is the male hillbilly version of Nadia Comaneci.

I have no idea how he does this and it might be the most amazing video I’ve seen this week. Yes, I know its Monday. Enjoy.

This Is About The Craziest Downhill Race Ever

According to this video, this downhill bicycle race happens annually in Valparaiso, Chile and is called The Valparaiso Cerro Abajo Race. According to this writer this is one of the most ludicrous sporting events I have ever seen. Don’t believe me? Watch it and see for yourself. Best part of this madness is when the rider has to dodge the dog that just wanders on to the course. The dog looks to be ok.

From Wired UK

This guy got kicked in the head so hard that he forgot to fall down right away. But oh boy, when he did fall…wham! FACEPLANT.