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The unfortunate screen shot above was on the homepage of Oscar Pistorius until a few minutes ago. It was changed after he was arrested and charged with murdering his girlfriend this morning.

Details are still emerging but at this time reports are that he mistook his girlfriend, model Reeva Steenkamp, for a burglar and shot her four times.

Police spokesman Katlego Mogale had earlier said: “A 26-year-old man had been taken into custody for shooting a 30-year-old woman.

“The deceased was shot four times and died on the scene. It is believed that she was the girlfriend of the accused.”

South African journalist Kalay Maistry told Sky News she believed his 30-year-old Steenkamp had come into the house to surprise him for Valentine’s Day.

“He thought his girlfriend, who had come in to try to surprise him for Valentine’s Day, was an intruder,” Maistry said. “I think what this actually highlights is the level of fear ordinary South Africans have.

“This is a man who has gone to bed, it’s an innocent surprise from a girlfriend… and the moment he thinks someone is trying to break in he grabs his gun. This has come as a complete surprise for a man who’s considered a national hero.”

Pistorius is best known for his fight to compete in the 2008 Olympics after initially being declared ineligible due to his prosthetic legs. He eventually became the first double amputee to compete in the Olympics in 2012.

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Update 1: Check this New York Times profile of Pistorius from January 2012 which includes a trip to a gun range.

“We should go to the range,” [Pistorius] said. He fetched his 9-millimeter handgun and two boxes of ammunition. We got back in the car and drove to a nearby firing range, where he instructed me on proper technique. Pistorius was a good coach. A couple of my shots got close to the bull’s-eye, which delighted him. “Maybe you should do this more,” he said. “If you practiced, I think you could be pretty deadly.” I asked him how often he came to the range. “Just sometimes when I can’t sleep,” he said.

Update 2: These tweets are from the past couple minutes.




It looks like this story is going to get more complicated and uglier as more details become available.

You’ll probably have a better Valentine’s Day than Steenkamp and Pistorius even if you’re single and desperate so buck up, champ. It ain’t that bad.


The African Cup of Nations is one of the most slept-on soccer tournaments in the world. 2010 saw Togo’s team get shot up in their bus and Nigeria’s president try to ban the Super Eagles from international competition after they flamed out in the group stages. Zambia won the final after 15 penalty shots.

This year’s has been less eventful so far through the opening round besides this flying kick from Jemal Tassew that saw him get a red card while being carried off on a stretcher after faking an injury. Note the ref laughing as he signals for the medics to get Tassew off the field.

The tournament was moved to South Africa from Libya due to somewhat extenuating circumstances. Unfortunately this heralded the return of the vuvuzela. If no one is there to blow a vuvuzela, does Cape Verde still suck? Not as much as Bafana Bafana.

H/T to The Guardian


All thanks to the amazing sport that is Bo-Taoshi, the Deuce of Davenport just blew up in South Africa. SAfm’s The Lifestyle Show with Michelle Constant talked to the Deuce’s own Mustafa Redonkulous last Friday and we just got a copy of the interview to share with all you readers outside of South Africa that have yet to hear it.

Michelle is a seasoned journalist who has interviewed the likes of Sugar Ray Leonard, Mike Tyson and Henry Rollins and now she can add Mustafa Redonkulous to that list. Isn’t that something? To be honest, we’re a little shocked here at the Deuce. Just a little though, I always knew we’d be huge in South Africa.

Click the link below to give a listen to our boy talkin about the sport Bo-Taoshi, Japanese politics and, yes, even Godzilla. Sadly, he ran out of time before he could ask them how they are handling that District 9 situation. Sorry Turd, maybe next time. Here’s the interview link:

SAfm Interview - Mustafa

Special shout out to all the new South African readers of the Deuce of Davenport, welcome to the site. Don’t worry if we don’t update for a day or two, we all have day jobs here but we’ll always find the time to throw something new and random up eventually. Cheers!

Sit down, Albert Contador. Your Tour de France dick move was impressive but it’s the slow season. Enjoy your dirty cycling win.

Here’s a real contender from South Africa. Watch Supersport double their lead over the Golden Arrows in hilarious and emasculating fashion.

I don’t know about you but if I’m that Arrows keeper, I’m going into that guy like Paul Scholes and Roy Keane on a normal day.

It’s almost over, soccer haters. The World Cup is coming to a close. The final and 3rd place games are all that remain. You can go back to fellating LeBron James and Brett Favre. Next week, it’s back to feeling empty for a month until NFL training camps and European club football start again. No longer will you have an excuse to drink excessively for days on end or watch sports at work. Your liver and boss probably won’t complain.

We’ll miss the spectacle of the World Cup and easy excuse to embrace xenophobia. However it won’t be hard to say goodbye to the vuvuzela. They turned into white noise after the first several games but we were also comforted by the knowledge that they would stay in South Africa. We could go back to piped in music and cheers over stadium/arena speakers after July 11th.

Good riddance to vuvuzelas. I don’t need to worry that a swarm of bees is attacking from all directions. They even drive people to kill. Who better than to send the vuvuzela back to China* than the good people of Will It Blend?

* Where did you think vuvuzelas were made? Same place as everything else.