Action Star. Aikido expert, and middle-aged eskimo woman Steven Seagal was in Anderson Silva’s corner at UFC 126 last week, where Silva threw a nasty kick on Vitor Belfort that basically means that the GSP/Silva superfight has to happen now or else Dana White may have to start feeding his dog real dog food. Silva is now saying that the man who casting couched Jenny McCarthy also taught him that nasty kick.

Tell me why Richie shot Bobby Luppo Yahoo! Sports:

“Steven Seagal helped me perfect that kick. That was a kick we were working on before I stepped in,” Silva said through a translator at the post-fight press conference. “This was a kick that I trained a lot.”

Seagal is known for the movies “Above the Law” and “Out for Justice,” but he’s also an accomplished martial artist, holding a black belt in aikido, a Japanese martial art, that he earned in Japan. His prowess has helped Silva become Yahoo! Sports’ second-ranked pound-for-pound fighter in MMA.

Seagal usually only sweats when he is eating, or protecting the streets of Jefferson Parish, but here you can see that talking has the same effect. Too bad Belfort wasn’t standing near any windows like in “Marked for Death.”

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