We don’t often write about golf here at the Deuce, but when something like this comes along, I almost feel compelled. Seems that Tiger Woods: sex addict, drug abuser, and recipient of multiple knee surgeries, at one point considered walking away from professional golf and becoming an Navy SEAL. To wit:

In a book excerpt posted on GolfDigest.com, [former swing coach Hank] Haney sheds new light on just how serious Woods was about enlisting.

I didn’t know how he’d go about it, but when he talked about it, it was clear he had a plan….I thought, Wow, here is Tiger Woods, greatest athlete on the planet, maybe the greatest athlete ever, right in the middle of his prime, basically ready to leave it all behind for a military life.

You mean Eldrick was ready to leave the wild nights of models and bottles for a life dedicated to service and valor? Right. Oh, and “greatest athlete ever?” Nope.

In all fairness, this isn’t the first time Tiger has alluded to wanting to pursue a career as a SEAL. In early 2006, during an address to incoming SEAL students, Woods stated:

“If I hand’t been in golf, I would have been here with you guys” said Woods. “When I was younger, I always dreamed of being a Navy SEAL.”

Nonetheless, Woods’ arrogance is not surprising: most athletes feel invincible, especially those who manage to win tournaments despite bedding Perkins Pancake waitresses in their garage and choking down Percocets like John Daly does M&Ms. But for Woods to suggest he could just stroll into SEAL training and be ready to take out some Pirates or kill the most wanted man in the world, is just as silly as to think we’d actually believe this.

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