If there was a reality show called Saban Idol in which college football coaches compete to be the ultimate scumbag, Rich Rodriguez would definitely make the national tour. He hasn’t even coached a single game at Michigan yet and he’s made enough enemies to fill up the Big House.

Lineman Justin Boren has decided to transfer to Ohio State from Michigan. He announced he was leaving Michigan a month ago due to “an erosion of family values”. Whatever the fuck that means. Was he looking for a strong stance on marriage within the coaching staff? Maybe Rodriguez & Co. didn’t show enough support for the Defense of Marriage Act.

Good thing Boren’s not from Michigan. He could never go home again. He’ll have to sit out a year and then walk-on as he cannot receive a scholarship from Ohio State.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, West Virginia has released documents showing that Rodriguez pursued the Michigan job without being approached. Documents obtained through discovery in the WVU lawsuit against Rodriguez show that his representatives contacted Michigan three days before he interviewed for the head coaching job.

Nick Saban just shed a tear and said, “That’s my boy.”

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