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Where’s Your Messiah Now?

He’s in Michigan, Chief. Michigan fans and some neutrals refer to Michigan head coach Rich Rodriguez as RichRod while people from West Virginia and East Lansing prefer DickRod. At the risk of enraging Bucktown Skins Fan, we’re going to go with DickRod. I’m not sure if he’s at the Petrino-Saban level but he’s pretty close.

If it were up to Rodriguez, he would probably say he’d like to be called Coach Messiah or RichGod. He recently had “the apostles” over to his house for a little bonding session.

“I had a handful of players that we call ‘the apostles’. It is a group of guys that the players pick as their leaders, some from each class … we always do that in the summer. I will meet them every week and we talk about issues and things that they would like to see and all that. It is really a kind of communication not that you have to be one of those guys to talk to me, but those guys are kind of the voice of players on certain things.

The apostles aren’t supposed to be a religious thing.

“It’s not in biblical nature,” Rodriguez said. “The definition of an apostle is one that leads a new way. I’m not looking for them to change the world. That’s a description of it. … I don’t want anybody to take it the wrong way.”

“Since I was at West Virginia,” he said. “I had a version of it, too, at the small school, Glenville State. I’ve always had a group of leaders that I let the players pick. We had a lot of fun with it. Sometimes it’s as simple as picking pregame music or that kind of thing. It’s not like they’re making major decisions. They’re not going to say, ‘Coach, we’re going to run the wishbone this week.’ They’re making suggestions, not decisions.”

The word apostle can mean one who pioneers an important reform movement, cause of belief. Those don’t sound like apostle-like activities. What exactly is the reform, cause or belief that makes the chosen players apostles? Shouldn’t Rich/DickRod lead by example since he is the head of the Church of Blue? If we had to guess, it would gimme the money or fuck the kids.

Players were not allowed to participate the annual Heroes for Kids benefit last Wednesday. The benefit “raises money for Saginaw youth recreation”. The team used the excuse of a mandatory strength and conditioning workout.

“It’s a big disappointment for all of us,” [Event Director Larry] Preston said. “The (U-M) players always have said how much they enjoy Heroes For Kids, and the strength and conditioning coach (Mike Barwis) said he wants to work with us on this next year.

“But this workout is mandatory, and all players must attend. It’s coach Rod’s call on that. This is his first year (at U-M), and he’s doing everything he can to make sure his team is successful.”

Doing everything like not even waiting until the season starts to start violating NCAA rules?

(2) Summer Conditioning Period. [FBS/FCS]
In football, between the start of summer conditioning and the start of preseason practice period, an institution shall conduct its out of season conditioning period as follows:
(a) Institutions shall count back nine weeks from the first permissible reporting date for preseason practice. During this nine-week period, institutions shall designate one week as student-athlete discretionary time.

(b) During the remaining eight weeks of the summer conditioning period student-athletes and prospective student-athletes who have signed a National Letter of Intent or, for those institutions not using a National Letter of Intent, a prospective student-athlete who has signed an institution’s written offer of admission and/or financial aid, may be involved in non mandatory weight training and conditioning activities that are conducted by the institution’s strength coach for no more than eight hours per week.

The charity event was scheduled months in advance. Was it really that hard to reschedule the NCAA rule violation to a different time or day?

Michigan State players attended the event in force and were autographing everything in sight including babies.

Go Blue finally claimed that the players “didn’t inform [DickRod] about participating in [the event]“. Blame the players for the mandatory workout which I’m sure we’ll find out wasn’t mandatory after they realize they messed up.

It’s going to be even easier to root against Michigan this year.

The Sauce Clause Lies In Wait

Bob Huggins hasn’t changed much over the years. From his eating habits to his mobility, the West Virginia basketball coach is determined to stay the same no matter what.

Huggins is still getting around as though he’s under the influence. He tripped over a cone and smacked his head on the tarmac while leaving a plane in Charlotte. The coach never lost consciousness but was taken to a hospital as a precautionary measure as he was feeling dizzy. Our first thought was that he made nice with the drink cart but it seems to be nothing but mere clumsiness. The Tipsy McStagger Clause has not been triggered so you can relax.

One would think Huggins would be more careful. This is the same guy who had to be shocked back to life three times after suffering a “massive heart attack” almost six years ago yet is proud of not changing his habits.

“It’s the same thing you do New Year’s Eve,” he said. “You say, ‘I’m going to do this,’ and about the 3rd of January you’re back doing what you did before. I haven’t really changed all that much. I would love to sit here and tell you that I probably eat better, but look at me. That’s obviously not the case.”

A man of habit. The same theory probably holds true for the graduation rate of his players. “I gotta get this back down to zero … Hey! What the fuck are you doing reading? Who taught you that shit?”

Thanks to Don T for the tip.

The Tipsy McStagger Clause

Time to get paid, blow up like the…too soon? Bob Huggins is getting some serious paper from West Virgina. His contract was made public and shows that he stands to make at least $20 million over the next 10 years before incentives.

The contract does note that he can be fired for being drunk or using drugs.

The contract stipulates Huggins can be fired for substance abuse or habitual intoxication affecting his job performance. A West Virginia spokesman said that is a standard clause in employment contracts.

I wonder if there’s a graduation rate clause. Somehow I doubt it.

Rich Rodriguez: A Real American Hero

If there was a reality show called Saban Idol in which college football coaches compete to be the ultimate scumbag, Rich Rodriguez would definitely make the national tour. He hasn’t even coached a single game at Michigan yet and he’s made enough enemies to fill up the Big House.

Lineman Justin Boren has decided to transfer to Ohio State from Michigan. He announced he was leaving Michigan a month ago due to “an erosion of family values”. Whatever the fuck that means. Was he looking for a strong stance on marriage within the coaching staff? Maybe Rodriguez & Co. didn’t show enough support for the Defense of Marriage Act.

Good thing Boren’s not from Michigan. He could never go home again. He’ll have to sit out a year and then walk-on as he cannot receive a scholarship from Ohio State.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, West Virginia has released documents showing that Rodriguez pursued the Michigan job without being approached. Documents obtained through discovery in the WVU lawsuit against Rodriguez show that his representatives contacted Michigan three days before he interviewed for the head coaching job.

Nick Saban just shed a tear and said, “That’s my boy.”