What’s that great line from Payback? “Give me back my son!” Sorry, wrong movie. Whatever. Payback sucked anyway. You know what else sucks? Michigan’s defense and running game.

Who can forget Michigan’s Mike Hart calling out Michigan State by referring to them as Michigan’s “little brother”? The Spartans proceeded to beat that Wolverine ass and Mike Hart faded into Bolivian along with the rest of the Michigan football program. Unfortunately this year has seen the revival of Michigan football. No, the emergence of Denard Robinson. They were on a roll until they ran up against Michigan State and got worked like a rented mule again.

A State fan decided to make a commemorative video for everyone’s enjoyment outside of Ann Arbor. Enjoy “Bow Down Big Sister”.

Anything mocking Michigan gets the Deuce’s stamp of approval. They are who we thought they were. A one-man team led by a corrupt sack of a coach. Don’t believe us? Ask West Virginia what they think of him.

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