New Sport: Hantis

Another week, another new sport here at Deuce of Davenport.  This one is an interesting one. Its called “Hantis” which sounds like the game is a cross between hand-toss and MANTIS…and I have no idea what on earth would be. In actuality, it is sort of a mix of ping pong and foursquare.  Intrigued?  Here’s how you play (via a simple and easy to read chart, something Kronum could really use right about now):

Got that?  Its easy, you score when the other team misses the ball which you can hit up to two times personally and once off the table…just check the chart again.  Still confused by this sport? Well check out this action video which has some WAY TOO INTENSE music going on for this XTREME table sport.

Intense huh?  This game, I’m told, is trying to give kids in schools something to do during the downtime that they might have in schools. To this I say, how bout them kids start picking up some books in the downtime in school, I mean, ya are in school to learn a lil somethin amirite? I kid, I kid. Keep the kids in school, yes, get them active so they aren’t so fat and stuff, yes indeedy, that is all fine and good.

If one was to ask me, however, this game might be missing its mark just as a game for school kids in their downtime or in P.E. class.  If I were the one promoting this product, and there might be a reason I am not, I’d be taking Hantis to colleges across the nation.

Does this or does this not look like it has the potential to be a killer new drinking game or, at the very least, something to be in every frat house backyard right next to the cornhole box??

I’m sayin’, can you tell me a better way for your average douchey frat boy to take off his shirt and show off his mad “athletic ability” to prospective rape victims sorority hookups while in the backyard of his dirty house than to run around four tables slapping some balls around?  I mean, this is done already isn’t it?  NOW IT CAN BE DONE ON FOUR TABLES!!

This game has the possibility to blow up at universities. You need four tables and a tennis ball. Simple set up and simple rules one can’t forget while getting inebriated. Its the perfect storm ladies and gentlemen. If RPS, Flip Cup (Beruit), Cornhole and Beer Pong can make it big I think this one can as well.

If you want more information, check out their site at And seriously, Hantis tournaments are going to start popping up around college campuses soon after this sport gets out there…just remember where you heard it first. I hope they get some official Hantis tables in their online store soon. When that happens, I want four of em immediately…GRATIS!



All thanks to the amazing sport that is Bo-Taoshi, the Deuce of Davenport just blew up in South Africa. SAfm’s The Lifestyle Show with Michelle Constant talked to the Deuce’s own Mustafa Redonkulous last Friday and we just got a copy of the interview to share with all you readers outside of South Africa that have yet to hear it.

Michelle is a seasoned journalist who has interviewed the likes of Sugar Ray Leonard, Mike Tyson and Henry Rollins and now she can add Mustafa Redonkulous to that list. Isn’t that something? To be honest, we’re a little shocked here at the Deuce. Just a little though, I always knew we’d be huge in South Africa.

Click the link below to give a listen to our boy talkin about the sport Bo-Taoshi, Japanese politics and, yes, even Godzilla. Sadly, he ran out of time before he could ask them how they are handling that District 9 situation. Sorry Turd, maybe next time. Here’s the interview link:

SAfm Interview - Mustafa

Special shout out to all the new South African readers of the Deuce of Davenport, welcome to the site. Don’t worry if we don’t update for a day or two, we all have day jobs here but we’ll always find the time to throw something new and random up eventually. Cheers!

New Sport: KRONUM

Imagine a sport that combines elements from soccer, lacrosse, rugby, basketball and God knows what else and you have this new sport they call Kronum. Sounds insane? Well it yes, it is a little insane.  But whatever, its a new sport and it looks interesting at least. Certainly cooler than Quidditch but somehow less cool than, say, Combaton. I’ll put it this way, its about as cool as you can get for a sport created in Philadelphia. Yeah.

All kidding aside, check out the video introducing the sport to see how it all really works:

Did you get all that?  Jesus, now THAT is one crazy new sport. A little too much going on? Probably, yes. They pretty much lost me at the circular field with 20 people running around on it and like sixteen different zones to run around in. I think if you can remember that scoring in a goal gets you 1 point, but more points the further out you go and shooting a goal through the circles gets you double then everything will be ok.

What I really think they need is to do something to help out that poor goalies. There is no way they are going to be able to stop anything with that gigantic net and tiny ball. How about 3 circles and a smaller, lacrosse styled net maybe? I dunno.

Still, as crazy as this sport is, I wouldnt mind seeing that madness in person just to see how it all works. To do that, however, you’d have to go to the suburbs of Philly where the sport was created. Not something that is high on my list, lemme tell you.

Anyway, if you still aren’t excited about Kronum…well dammit they already have cheerleaders. Bam:

There ain’t anything wrong with that. What else can this sport do to get better? One simple answer. Marching bands. Marching bands are necessary. If there are marching bands, then sign me up for season tickets when D.C. gets a franchise.

Here is the link to Kronum’s site, I buried it down here because it only seemed to work in IE, not Firefox and Chrome, it crashed them both on my machine and its no slouch.  Very weird.  WAY too flash intensive and a lil wonky. Clicker beware.

Via Thrillist

Foam Weapons League Is All Kinds Of Awesome

photo by Christopher Victorio (LA Weekley)

So take a bunch of hipsters and dorks (some would say they are one in the same) mix in some LARPing, some WWE and quite a bit of untapped aggression and you get what we have here: The Foam Weapon League.  This is essentially a fight club for people who don’t actually want to get hurt…and it is hilarious.

How does the FWL work?  Simple.  You first create a weapon to fight with out of a material that won’t actually hurt someone but will cause some impact (ie: foam). Then you get a costume, create a shtick, sign up with the FWL, show up to an event and strap on impact released blood packets on various points of the body.  Next, you fight.  Really, you fight with those weapons you made.  The object is to blow up the blood packets on the other person without getting yours burst.  The first person with two blood packets broken loses.

This is going on in LA right now and I wouldn’t be surprised if it hits the east coast soon, if it hasn’t already.  Surely there are enough drama club geeks, role playing gamers and urban hipsters out there that want to let out some of their aggression without mussing up their pretty little faces, aren’t there?

For quite a pictorial on the FWL, check out this slideshow on LA Weekly, it documents exactly what goes on there and is great for a laugh.  Some of these people look like they really, really, get into it.

Still dont have enough?  Well I have saved the best for last.  Watch this video…it is really all kinds of awesome.

I’m giving the FWL a bit of a hard time here but in reality you know that I am already plotting my own Chimpanzee Rage weapon and outfit.  I just need  to create a Bo staff out of foam and start working on the angriest monkey faced mask you have ever seen. CHIMPANZEE RAGE WILL DOMINATE THE FWL!  So much monkey…so much rage!!

Wheelchair Double Back Flip

Your chance to catch a glimpse at the future of the X Games after enough spinal injuries happen. ITS EXTREME WHEELCHAIR!  Actually, if its the X Games, they’d probably name it like X-WHEELIE STREET VERT or something impossibly stupid like that. Nevertheless, flipping that heavy ass chair around twice is pretty impressive. Also impressive, this has never been done before. Watch Aaron Fotheringham flip it.