photo by Christopher Victorio (LA Weekley)

So take a bunch of hipsters and dorks (some would say they are one in the same) mix in some LARPing, some WWE and quite a bit of untapped aggression and you get what we have here: The Foam Weapon League.  This is essentially a fight club for people who don’t actually want to get hurt…and it is hilarious.

How does the FWL work?  Simple.  You first create a weapon to fight with out of a material that won’t actually hurt someone but will cause some impact (ie: foam). Then you get a costume, create a shtick, sign up with the FWL, show up to an event and strap on impact released blood packets on various points of the body.  Next, you fight.  Really, you fight with those weapons you made.  The object is to blow up the blood packets on the other person without getting yours burst.  The first person with two blood packets broken loses.

This is going on in LA right now and I wouldn’t be surprised if it hits the east coast soon, if it hasn’t already.  Surely there are enough drama club geeks, role playing gamers and urban hipsters out there that want to let out some of their aggression without mussing up their pretty little faces, aren’t there?

For quite a pictorial on the FWL, check out this slideshow on LA Weekly, it documents exactly what goes on there and is great for a laugh.  Some of these people look like they really, really, get into it.

Still dont have enough?  Well I have saved the best for last.  Watch this video…it is really all kinds of awesome.

I’m giving the FWL a bit of a hard time here but in reality you know that I am already plotting my own Chimpanzee Rage weapon and outfit.  I just need  to create a Bo staff out of foam and start working on the angriest monkey faced mask you have ever seen. CHIMPANZEE RAGE WILL DOMINATE THE FWL!  So much monkey…so much rage!!

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