Imagine a sport that combines elements from soccer, lacrosse, rugby, basketball and God knows what else and you have this new sport they call Kronum. Sounds insane? Well it yes, it is a little insane.  But whatever, its a new sport and it looks interesting at least. Certainly cooler than Quidditch but somehow less cool than, say, Combaton. I’ll put it this way, its about as cool as you can get for a sport created in Philadelphia. Yeah.

All kidding aside, check out the video introducing the sport to see how it all really works:

Did you get all that?  Jesus, now THAT is one crazy new sport. A little too much going on? Probably, yes. They pretty much lost me at the circular field with 20 people running around on it and like sixteen different zones to run around in. I think if you can remember that scoring in a goal gets you 1 point, but more points the further out you go and shooting a goal through the circles gets you double then everything will be ok.

What I really think they need is to do something to help out that poor goalies. There is no way they are going to be able to stop anything with that gigantic net and tiny ball. How about 3 circles and a smaller, lacrosse styled net maybe? I dunno.

Still, as crazy as this sport is, I wouldnt mind seeing that madness in person just to see how it all works. To do that, however, you’d have to go to the suburbs of Philly where the sport was created. Not something that is high on my list, lemme tell you.

Anyway, if you still aren’t excited about Kronum…well dammit they already have cheerleaders. Bam:

There ain’t anything wrong with that. What else can this sport do to get better? One simple answer. Marching bands. Marching bands are necessary. If there are marching bands, then sign me up for season tickets when D.C. gets a franchise.

Here is the link to Kronum’s site, I buried it down here because it only seemed to work in IE, not Firefox and Chrome, it crashed them both on my machine and its no slouch.  Very weird.  WAY too flash intensive and a lil wonky. Clicker beware.

Via Thrillist

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