All thanks to the amazing sport that is Bo-Taoshi, the Deuce of Davenport just blew up in South Africa. SAfm’s The Lifestyle Show with Michelle Constant talked to the Deuce’s own Mustafa Redonkulous last Friday and we just got a copy of the interview to share with all you readers outside of South Africa that have yet to hear it.

Michelle is a seasoned journalist who has interviewed the likes of Sugar Ray Leonard, Mike Tyson and Henry Rollins and now she can add Mustafa Redonkulous to that list. Isn’t that something? To be honest, we’re a little shocked here at the Deuce. Just a little though, I always knew we’d be huge in South Africa.

Click the link below to give a listen to our boy talkin about the sport Bo-Taoshi, Japanese politics and, yes, even Godzilla. Sadly, he ran out of time before he could ask them how they are handling that District 9 situation. Sorry Turd, maybe next time. Here’s the interview link:

SAfm Interview - Mustafa

Special shout out to all the new South African readers of the Deuce of Davenport, welcome to the site. Don’t worry if we don’t update for a day or two, we all have day jobs here but we’ll always find the time to throw something new and random up eventually. Cheers!

New Sport: Bo-Taoshi

Super awesome cool, boss! Another day, another bizarre sport from Japan. Unfortunately this one doesn’t involve weird porn fetishes. Just large groups of military cadets beating each other up over a pole. Hmmm this is exactly what those conservatives are worried about with the demise of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”.

Bo-Taoshi (Pole pull-down) is played by cadets at Japan’s National Defense Academy. The game itself, which consists of 150 people and a pole, is quite simple. 75 men have to defend their team’s pole while the other 75 try to take it down by any means necessary. This much is clear. The rest of our information comes from Google translations of Japanese pages so don’t blame us if we don’t have it down.

The game seems to have been first played in 1954-55. The pole doesn’t have to hit the ground completely. It only had to go down 45 degrees until 1973 when the rules were changed to force teams to drop it to a 30 degree angle. One can only assume the losing team has to commit seppuku in front of the spectators. There is no honor in losing. Forgiveness please!