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(Soon to be) New Sport: Subwinging

This thing just came out but it is a sure thing to become a new sport in the future. It is called the “Subwing” and it allows you to essentially fly while underwater.  So this guy, Simon Sivertson, figured out that if he developed this wing to be used underwater, towed by a boat, he would be able to see the world under the sea in a whole new way…faster and with tremendous control. Looks like he succeeded.

Check out the video to watch it in action, its pretty impressive:

There is no way this doesn’t get co-opted for some sort of new watersport in the next few years. It could easily be a judged sport like surfing or wake-boarding with the body control one can have with that thing. If i lived near the water, or was at all athletic and/or acrobatic, I’d be on this like white on rice…but i’m not so i’ll continue to blog about things I cannot do.

/contemplates his life

/puts hands on face

/cries in hands.

If you want one, you can get it from the company site here. Just remember, if this blows up and becomes the next big watersport, you heard it here first.

From Neatorama via Dude Craft

New (Old) Sport: Shovel Racing

What once was old is now new again. As profiled recently in Wired magazine and in the Wall Street Journal a couple years ago people are back at shovel racing y’all! For those too lazy to read either one of those articles, let me sum them up for you.

Shovel racing was a thing for like 30 years at Angel Fire resort in New Mexico until people started modifying the shovels so much that they became less like shovels and more like greased-lightning death sleds. After a few years off, most likely (and this is just a guess) because most of the more awesome racers kept dying, shovel racing is back sans the whole “modified” part. Just good ole fashioned shovel racing.

All you need is a shovel and a butt…ok and some arms and legs because i dunno how you are gonna steer and stop without em…and a snowsuit cause its cold.

You can get going pretty fast as evidenced by this 2012 shovel run that got up to 60+ m.p.h.

Crazy but man I totally would love to try this. This needs to be a thing at ski resorts everywhere.

Oh, want to know why the sport banned all those modified shovel racers? Check it out:

Yeah probably for the best that the sport went back to the original shovel.  99% of those devices had no resemblance to a shovel at all.  Cool looking? Hell yea!  Deadly? OH HELL YEAH! Shovels? No, not so much.

Not a New Sport: Extreme Ice Skating

You are about to witness one crazy insane (or insane crazy) man. That man you see under the headline? He is Tor Eckhoff and his blood is made of fire.  This guy boozes it up while skating and rolling around a frozen lake somewhere in Norway…yeah i said rolling around on the ice.  Did I mention that he rolls around in his underwear as well?  How about that he dives in the frozen lake in just his underwear?

Certifiably insane. Fire blood. I love it.  Steve-O, you’d better step up your game, son.

Just keep watching til he starts skating around half naked with a chainsaw. The crazy is strong with Tor…and it is good.

New Sport: Train Surfing?

I saw this on the interwebs yesterday but I didn’t have the time to throw it up on the site. Nevertheless, check out these dudes participating in this EXTREME sport on the fly…or on the rails as it were. Some people call it “Train Surfing”.

It’s sorta like surfing…and skateboarding, which is sorta like surfing on land…and parkour which is sorta like skateboarding without a board, except that is is just on a train. Guys do little acrobatic things and tap signs while the train speeds along merrily down the track.

Mix one part boredom and one part crazy and apparently you get this. It seems to have been around for awhile, but hey, its new to the Deuce and that makes it a new sport ’round these parts.

I wouldn’t try this if I were you, just sayin.

New Sport: Bo-Taoshi

Super awesome cool, boss! Another day, another bizarre sport from Japan. Unfortunately this one doesn’t involve weird porn fetishes. Just large groups of military cadets beating each other up over a pole. Hmmm this is exactly what those conservatives are worried about with the demise of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”.

Bo-Taoshi (Pole pull-down) is played by cadets at Japan’s National Defense Academy. The game itself, which consists of 150 people and a pole, is quite simple. 75 men have to defend their team’s pole while the other 75 try to take it down by any means necessary. This much is clear. The rest of our information comes from Google translations of Japanese pages so don’t blame us if we don’t have it down.

The game seems to have been first played in 1954-55. The pole doesn’t have to hit the ground completely. It only had to go down 45 degrees until 1973 when the rules were changed to force teams to drop it to a 30 degree angle. One can only assume the losing team has to commit seppuku in front of the spectators. There is no honor in losing. Forgiveness please!