The Ohio State University has been annoying college football fans for years. A phantom pass interference call brought Columbus a National Championship in 2002. Ohio State routinely produces busty NFL players like Bobby Carpenter, Troy Smith, and Brian Robiskie. Finally, the Buckeyes carry a smug attitude and try to pretend they are better then conferences like the SEC because they won’t “stoop” to the same depths.

We’re not naive. College sports is big business, like mail-order brides, or creepy Japanese kiddie(ish)-porn, and twice as sleazy. So, when it turns out that the ass-clown in the red vest is just as dirty as everybody else you can’t help but smile. Sure, Tressel didn’t bribe any recruits to come to Ohio State, but he did sit on lie about information about his players selling their gear for tattoos (pretty much a requirement in order to reside in Ohio). He also keeps losing in big games against teams that are not Michigan.

This week, the NCAA called out the most annoying program (besides Duke) in college sports, publishing a Notice of Allegations. Ohio State now has until July 5 to respond and is scheduled to appear before the NCAA Committee on Infractions at its Aug. 12 meeting in Indianapolis.

Make me feel better about my alma mater, ESPN:

In a 13-page indictment of Tressel’s behavior, the NCAA alleged that Tressel had “permitted football student-athletes to participate in intercollegiate athletics while ineligible.” It also said he “failed to deport himself … [with] honesty and integrity” and said he was lying when he filled out a compliance form in September which said he had no knowledge of any NCAA violations by any of his players.

(Scooby’s ears perk up) Ruh-Roh!

Ohio State was not cited for the most serious of institutional breaches since Tressel hid information from his superiors for more than nine months. The university has 90 days to respond to the ruling body of college sports’ request for information before a scheduled date before the NCAA’s committee on infractions on Aug. 12 in Indianapolis.

(orgasm face) Okay….just one more:

Tressel is mentioned throughout the Notice of Allegations, which alleges that the coach “failed to deport himself in accordance with the honesty and integrity normally associated with the conduct and administration of intercollegiate athletics as required by NCAA legislation and violated ethical-conduct legislation when he failed to report information concerning violations of NCAA legislation and permitted football student-athletes to participate in intercollegiate athletics competition when ineligible.” Again, this isn’t a revelation, but the NCAA clearly isn’t pleased with the coach. It would be truly surprising if Tressel doesn’t get hit with additional penalties.

Tomorrow, the Deuce will be on the scene in Columbus to speak to Coach Tressel regarding these allegations. We were told we could find him in a pickup truck outside the Ohio State practice facility. We were also told if we see a loaded shotgun next to him and an envelope addressed to his family on the dashboard, not to worry, he’s not a threat to others.

I mean…unless you had dreams of playing well in the NFL someday.

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