Rugby in Australia has everything from bestiality to quokka chucking. Let’s not forget punching people at Korn concerts and pissing people like R Kelly on a 15 year old girl. Add rampaging through Hong Kong like Godzilla drunk on Four Loko to the list of favorite Rugby League pastimes.

Several players from the Western Bulldogs are having their arses handed to them in a sack after being filmed on a drunken rampage in Hong Kong last November. As the late, great George Michael would say, let’s go to the tape.

Let’s see Turbo and Ozone bust the worm over a taxi. The flashing pink bunny ears are a sweet touch.

Past Bulldogs players called the incident a case of boys being boys but the team isn’t having it. It’s “[working] with the individuals who are probably most prominent in it”. Whatever that means.

Notice the lack of dogs in the area. They learned their lesson from Joel Monaghan. He’s just one guy. Imagine a whole crowd of drunken Australian rugby players….

The video above doesn’t do the scene any justice. Here’s the full length video. Break out a case of XXXX and enjoy!

I just realized the Black Eyed Peas are playing in the background. So that’s what caused the players to lash out. No one can stand being forced to listen to the Black Eyed Peas. Anyone who says they can needs to be renditioned to Egypt so our new boy Suleiman can sort them out. I would have given anything to be Helen Keller during the Super Bowl halftime show. She didn’t know how good she had it. The only mistake these guys made was not getting into the cabs and leaving the scene before they were driven to madness. “Riot in the middle of the street“.

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