Since sports bloggers are coming out of the closet left and right, we might as well do the same. We’re not gonna lie. There’s a whole lotta melanin flowin’ over here. In spite of that, we do enjoy a good metal or punk show. However we no longer see any point in being anywhere near the mosh pit. Any attempt at moshing near us will most likely be met with a kick to the knee or a sharp Shawn Bradley elbow to the temple or Adam’s Apple. A hard shove is nothing but an invitation to continue moshing. We’re glad we’re not the only ones that feel this way.

Australian rugby league players Ben Pomeroy, Dustin Cooper, Jacob Selmes and Brett Kearney were questioned by the police after a man claimed that one of them punched him during a Korn concert in Sydney on Sunday.

“I spoke to all four of them just quickly,” [Cronulla Sharks chief executive Tony] Zappia said. “I just asked them if anything happened and they said no more than anything that normally happens in a mosh pit. They said they had nothing to hide. They don’t know what they’re supposed to have done.

You start moshing and there’s a chance you could end up face down whether you’re in the pit or not. It comes with the territory. There’s no crying in the mosh pit.

The players can’t be blamed for their actions. I probably would have lashed out in similar fashion if I found myself at a Korn concert. However they were solid in their South Park episode.

It could have been worse. Flying scissors kicks and windmill punches would have come out if it were a P.O.D. concert. No question weapons come out at a Papa Roach concert. I’d probably save myself the trouble and use them on myself. Then again that would be selfish as everyone else would continue to suffer.

Speaking of shit bands, here’s a random thought. You may not like many bands out there but few actually make you contemplate violence and destruction when you hear them. Two that do? Sugar Ray and Smashmouth. Two of the worst bands in recent history. They should be forced to apologize for what they inflicted on the world.

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